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Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

Hooters Jakarta, Kemang

Hi Eaters.

Give a warm welcome to the phenomenal and long awaited (and probably the sexiest) restaurant/sports bar in Jakarta, the Hooters Jakarta.
Well, I have noticed this sports bar for quite some time, ever since their official Instagram account was published. Yesterday, I got invited to attend the grand launching of Hooters, and certainly I came there with a lot of enthusiasm.

I came there after office hours, which you might have guessed from the pics that I didn't get some nice captures of the place. It was so crowded inside with guests and the lights were so dim so it was really hard to get maximum result from my camera. For that, please excuse these underlight snapshots.

Hooters is well-known for its light snacks such as chicken wings, sandwiches, or burgers. These are the kind of food literally suit the means of the place as a sports bar. Here you can watch live broadcast from your favorite sports club since Hooters provide quite a lot of TV screen in which each displays different live sports broadcast.

One other thing that Hooters is well-known for: the Hooters Girls. It is a name given to the friendly, and sexy waitresses who serve the food at Hooters. Much like other Hooters branches worldwide, the Hooters Girls dressed up in sexy outfits, but for Indonesia the outfits were not as sexy as other Hooters worldwide, yet I would not recommend taking your kids here though.
The unique thing is that you can enjoy dance shows by the Hooters Girls every 45 minutes. For guys, you can please your appetite and at the same time please your eyes, LOL.

Hooters Jakarta has been operating since March 24 and yesterday was their official launching.

It was a feast yesterday since the food and the drinks were all free flow. Chicken wings, burgers, and sandwiches kept coming out of the kitchen and served around to guests by the Hooters Girls. I did try some of their chicken wings variant, which were Taliwang chicken wings, and Rendang chicken wings. I kinda like it though it was not like something that could wow me in any way. The Taliwang chicken wings in my opinion was the better one of them, with its spiciness that was quite unique for my palate. It was a little tangy, but in a good way, and I certainly like the way the chicken wings were perfectly cooked too.
I heard they also serve the Thai Chilli chicken wings but so sad I seemed to skip that one. They also serve a free flow of beer. I didn't try that one because I'm not an alcohol drinker, yet the idea of chicken wings, beer, and sports is always a perfect fit. I just had a glass of ice tea last night which I struggled to get since the bar area was so full of people.

It was a pity that I didn't get the chance to try other food last night. I did, by the way, like the overall ambiance of the restaurant. As a sport fan myself (I love soccer), I would consider Hooters as a place to enjoy live sports broadcast and enjoy some snacks while doing that.
Price range starts from IDR 60K for food, and IDR 35K for drinks.
So thank you for having me, Hooters Jakarta, and I wish you all the best ahead.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Jl. Kemang Raya no. 5
Ph: 0877-8507-5559Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
Opening hours: 11.00 - 02.00

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