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Senin, 15 Mei 2017

Penang Bistro, Kebon Sirih, Menteng

Hi Eaters

I've come to know Penang Bistro from my girl. Apparently it was her favorite restaurant when it comes about Peranakan cuisines. She could brag all day about how she loved the Penang Char Kway Teow, Singapore Crispy Sotong (this is her all time fave!), and the Ayam Goreng Terasi. It seems to be mandatory now if we visit Grand Indonesia, Kota Kasablanka or Central Park, that she will demand we eat at Penang Bistro. So when the other day I got an invitation with a plus one from Rinku for a gathering at Penang Bistro, she was more than thrilled to join!

Her neverending desire for Penang Bistro's cuisines surely brought an impact to me, in a good way, though. I must admit they do serve one of the best Peranakan style cuisines you can find in town, with lots of variety on the menus, starting from appetizer, main course, until desserts.
The Penang Bistro in Menteng is a wonderful place to eat indeed. It occupies its own building, thus making it more spacious than those on the shopping malls. I find comfort in their second floor of dining area which is also nicely decorated to looke more aesthetic and pleasing for the eyes. 

Penang Mushroom Golden Egg Yolk

My GF was a bit sad that the Singapore Crispy Sotong wasn't served that day, but instead she tried this Penang Mushroom Golden Egg Yolk and completely loving it. It's tasty, crispy, and that egg yolk coating was just flavorful and the aroma was so appetizing. I guess she has found another favorite on the menu list.

Crispy Beef with Chef's Special Sauce

Mango Chicken

Black Pepper Beef

Mayonnaise Shrimp

Sambal Ebi Prawn

From the line of Meat & Poultry, and also Seafood, they were all delectable. Simply said, my GF and I well we just loved the fresh seafood ingredients, the way they were seasoned and also how delicious they were! Prawns are always my favorite seafood ingredient right after crabs, and certainly they were cooked to perfection.
A plate of black pepper beef is too bad to be missed. The juicy and tender beef with a hint of heat from the blackpepper is just suitable with some hot rice. Loving the decent spiciness from the beef, and that fried garlic was just a brilliant add-on condiment to boost up the flavors. Chickens were not disappointing as well. I certainly like the mango salad on the side as it was refreshing and serve to be a great addition to the plate.

Ebi String Bean

Fried Tofu Negeri Jiran

In the line of Tofu & Vegetables, a recommended menu is their Fried Tofu Negeri Jiran which is home made tofu deep fried served with poiling cooked in oyster sauce and sprinkled with crispy salted fish. It was rich in texture indeed. Smooth silky tofu meets with crispy salted fish, a good combination indeed. The oyster sauce was delicious. I'm not that into poiling veggie but it was quite nice and cooked beautifully.
The Ebi String Bean had a nice spiciness due to the ebi sauce. I liked the crunchiness from string beans, and indeed the freshness of the ingredients sets apart this dish in another level. Simply said, it is delicious. Period.

Roti Canai with Chicken Curry

Maybe it was a mistake to put the pics in a random order, but this is one appetizer you shouldn't miss. Their Roti Canai is kinda thin and crispy but not in the terms that it will easily fall apart. The great thing is that eating this would be effortless. You know sometimes with a bread that's too thick you'll get full enough so you can't savor the whole experience of the dish? Well, won't happen here. As for the curry, it was pretty light but the consistency is good so you won't get that watery curry when you dip that canai there. Flavorwise, it was also tasty, my kind of curry just the way I like it. 

Actually there were a lot more dishes served that day, but since it was quite packed I didn't get the chance to try them all. It was nice to know that the menus were all recommended menus of the restaurant. Quite a lot there, right?
Other menus you must try are the Malay Mee Goreng, Straits Crispy Squids, and the Oatmeal Seashell Crab. Those are the menus I regulerly ordered if I'm eating at Penang Bistro with my GF. Happy to know that they are also in the recommended menus, guess I never choose the wrong menu here, LOL.

Overall conclusion, good food can always bring good mood. Penang Bistro surely delivered that successfully all the time. The food here never disappoints me. A definite comeback is always a must when it is regarding to this restaurant.


Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Penang Bistro
Jl. Kebon Sirih Raya No. 59
Ph: (021) 3190 6000
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10340

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