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Senin, 07 Juli 2014

Spaghetti Lunch

Hi there, Eaters.
Well for this post I would like to share something which is not a restaurant made. It's a home cooking dish.
Yes, I thought you might get bored sometimes just reading reviews about restaurant. So I decided to write something that you can cook by yourself at home.
You can also send me your home made recipes to my e-mail to be posted here at my blog.

Last Sunday, a friend of mine invited me for lunch at her house. She's a newly-wed, so cooking is no strange business for her. Well yesterday she invited me to try her home made spaghetti dish.

the spaghetti pasta

the spaghetti topping
(sausages, meatballs and corned beef)

When I got there, unfortunately the cooking process was already done, so I couldn't give you the pics. 
Basically the ingridients used are common ingridients you can find in the market. But as they say, you can use the same ingridients but how it is cooked that will differs your cooking from others. So I'm basically hoping to taste a different taste than the spaghetti my mom used to cook,
For the spaghetti sauce and toppings it used regular spaghetti sauce which can be easily found in supermarkets. But in this topping it added garlic, so I find it more savory and less sweet. It's good for my palette, since I loved savory dishes a lot.

The sausage is well cooked. The meatballs is a bit under, but in my opinion it's quite nice. I liked the chewy texture of the meatball. The corned beef is also nice. I like the overall taste of the sauce. One thing which I think could go better is that it should have more liquid sauce. With so many meat fillings, the sauce tends to get thick. And it's quite hard to stir it well with the spaghetti. 

down to the last bite

Overall, it's a delicious and satisfying lunch. I even had my second plate. Lol.

I also tried this food. Don't know what its name. All I know is that the ingridients were pork and beef, cooked in a curry soup. Tasted a bit spicy for my palette. The pork and the beef were briliantly cooked though. Nothing was under or over-cooked.

Closing up my meal was the cola. I wouldn't recommend it though. Pure water is always good after you eat something fatty. But once in a while you can have a cheating day by drinking cola.

Finally, I would like to thank Leni Marsaulina for the lovely and delicious lunch, and also her husband for having me at their home. It's been a great moment and a wonderful dining experience. I just hope you guys won't be bored to invite me again for another dining next time.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

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