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Minggu, 06 Juli 2014

Mie Ayam & Bakso "Wito"

Hi Eaters.

The advantage of living near Rasuna Said is that I can find many "warung makan" where usually office workers have their lunches.
Near the place where I live, I have one favourite place that sells meatballs and chicken noodles.
It's Mie Ayam & Bakso "Wito".

Located in Jl. Guntur, south Jakarta. It's not very far away from Pasar Manggis. It might looked outcasted from other dining places which mostly located in Pasar Manggis. To be exact, it is beside Apotik Guntur and just accross Polisi Militer Guntur headquarter.

If you are a true culinary fan, and you have no objections with a simple "warung" and not some fine-dining or classy restaurant, then this "warung" could be listed in your favourite meatballs and chicken noodles spot.
This particular warung only sells meatballs and chicken noodles. The chicken noodles are different than those of Chinese chicken noodles. People called it bakmi kampung.
The place itself, although it's a simple warung, but it's clean. Sometimes when the weather is hot, it gets pretty uncomfortable. The warung is not spacious. It only occupy a small place, maybe only enough for 10-15 people max. But the amazing thing is that the warung is always crowded. Often I see people lining up just to order. It opens at 10 AM but with the crowded customers sometimes the food will run out just after lunch hour. Yes, it's that good. Even sometimes office workers from Sudirman or Setiabudi come here only for lunch.
When you visit this warung, you will be greeted warmly by Ibu Wito, sometimes together with her husband, Pak Wito. But mostly it's just Bu Wito together with her son and daughter.
Let's start eating!
Bakso Sapi (Urat/Telur)
 Bakso Sapi (Urat/Telur)
My favourite is the Bakso Sapi (Urat/Telur) - IDR 12K. In this portion I get four small meatballs and a choice between Bakso Urat or Bakso Telur for the big one. I choose Bakso Telur. What amazes me was that the egg inside the meatball was one whole egg. You might find in other warung that sometimes the egg was only half used. For the noodles there is an option between yellow noodles or white noodles. The meatballs were so good. I love how the meatballs used more composition of the beef than the wheat flour, so I get that tender texture from the meatballs. The soup was excellent, the broth was delicious. Maybe a bit salty but for my palette it's quite decent.
Mie Ayam Bakso
 Mie Ayam Bakso
The chicken noodles you can choose between Mie Ayam - IDR 11K or Mie Ayam Bakso - IDR 12K. Mine was Mie Ayam Bakso and I choose Bakso Urat to accompany the chicken noodles. The meatball was delicious and tender. For my noodles, I requested a Yamin, or chicken noodles with soy sauce without soup. The soup can be separated in another bowl. For my palette it was so delicious. The taste was all there, kicking in my mouth. The soy sauce made the noodles had a sweet taste to accompany the savoriness. The shredded sauted chicken was excellent and they're very generous in giving the chicken. Loving it.
Fried Dumpling Skin
 Fried Dumpling Skin
They gave you Fried Dumpling Skin - free for the order of Mie Ayam. But the owner, Bu Wito, is quite nice. She would even give it even if you order meatballs instead of chicken noodles. The taste is quite savory. It gives a different crunchy texture to go along with the tender noodles.
Es Teh Manis
 Es Teh Manis
The beverage I ordered was Es Teh Manis - IDR 3K. For me, something sweet is needed to cover up that trace of saltiness and savoriness from the dish I ate before. The level of sugar was just right. Not too sweet. It's refreshing.

Overall conclusion, a very happy tummy. The dishes I tried were delicious. It's so affordable but it also didn't let the price tag lowered the quality of the food.
Cheap, delicious and you will surely leave with a full tummy.
If you are coincidently passing by Manggarai, Pasar Rumput, Guntur, or Halimun, make sure to have a stop-by dining at this simple and humble warung. Besides it can satisfy your hunger, you will also participate in helping the growth of small and medium culinary industry in Indonesia.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Twitter: @jzzydee
Instagram: @jzzydee

Mie Ayam & Bakso "Wito"
Jalan Guntur, Pasar Manggis, Jakarta Selatan
(samping Apotik Guntur)

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