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Senin, 14 Juli 2014

Quattro Pizzeria

Hai Eaters.

For this review I would like to talk about restaurants located in Tomang, to be exact in Jalan Mandala Utara. For my experience it's not easy to find an awesome restaurant in that particular area. To find one that has good food would be like finding a hidden gem.
Luckily my quest was helped by the invitation from a restaurant which specialized in making authentic Italian pizzas. This is my culinary diary at Quattro Pizzeria.

Quattro Pizzeria is located at Jalan Mandala Utara, Tomang. Situated in a densed housing area, you might miss this restaurant if you are not carefully looking.
To ease on the search, just find the Cimory shop. You'll find Quattro just a couple of houses away.

I came here as a privilege. Being invited by the owner/chef, Mr. Derrick Thomson for a foodtasting event, I just couldn't miss the chance to try Quattro's pizzas. Especially since a lot of my fellow foodbloggers gave good ratings for its pizzas.
Anyway, as any restaurants that serve authentic Italian pizzas, Quattro Pizzeria also used wood-fired oven to bake their pizzas. But what fascinates me more is that Quattro is very concern about the healthiness of the food. In here, you will find thin crusted pizza but with no burnt crust. They only bake it until the crust is golden brown colored. It's so important since the burnt crust contained carbon from the wood fire used for baking so it's dangerous for your health.
Also another extra point was Quattro Pizzeria only use fresh ingridients and non-preservatives. So it's a guarantee that you will get not only a delicious pizza here, but also healthy. The tomato sauce for the pizza base is home made too.

As I mention earlier, Mr. Derrick Thomson is the owner and also the chef. And surprisingly he is a professional photographer. So it's kinda like a creative artist who will make me pizza that day.

Mr. Derrick showing his skill of making pizza

The interior of the restaurant is so homey, cozy and comfortable. The service was great, and I love the hospitality shown by Mr. Derrick to each customer. You'll see the open kitchen as you entered the restaurant. But even though it's an open kitchen, the restaurant is clean and nicely decorated.

On the menu I found there are only pizzas listed. Also some beverages like teas, coffees and some of Quattro's special drinks. Check out what I tried here.
Prosciutto Speciale
Prosciutto Speciale
First one I tried was the Prosciutto Speciale - Rp. 96.500. The pizza toppings were tomato, mozzarella cheese, mushroom, parma ham, and blackpepper. Keep in mind that this pizza uses pork so it's a non-halal menu. The overall taste for me was fantastic. I love the crispy pizza crust. I also love the generous mozzarella cheese used in this pizza. The parma ham is delicious. Savory and tasty. And the great thing is since it has a thin crust I can grab more than 2 slices of pizzas. Usually with pizza that has a thick dough, I already quit in the second slice. With the Prosciutto Speciale I think I can finish up a whole pan.
Quattro Formaggi
Quattro Formaggi
The next one was the Quattro Formaggi - Rp. 90.000. It uses 4 different cheeses as the topping, mozzarella, parmesan, blue cheese, and ricotta cheese. For something that's very cheesy, surprisingly it's not that salty for my palate. A decent level of saltiness. But it tasted great too. I love how the tomato sauce base incorporated well with the 4 cheeses used in this pizza. I think cheese lovers would fall in love with this pizza.
The Angelo - Rp. 89.000 came with toppings consist of mozzarella cheese, spinach, turkey paprika, and mushroom. Since it uses spinach, it's more healthy. FYI, Quattro Pizzeria also has vegetarian pizzas on the menu. For my palate the Angelo pizza was also delicious. The turkey was processed together with paprika, combine well together. The overall taste was very good. I'm not a big fan of spinach but I will finish up this pizza because it just tasted phenomenal.
Quattro Carne
Quattro Carne
The Quattro Carne - Rp. 95.000 is the perfect choice for meat lovers. The toppings were packed by double minced beef, smoked beef, black pepper, and mozarella cheese on top of that tomato sauce base. The minced beef was excellent. So delicious and savory. Perfectly eecuted. Hands down, as the best selling pizza in Quattro, the Quattro Carne is just mind-blowing.
Quattro Pizzeria's Special Drinks
I also had the opportunity to tried their special drinks. Here we go!
Sparkling Lychee
Sparkling Lychee - Rp. 29.000. It's lychee juice combined with soda. The taste is all there. The soda didn't overpowered the lychee flavor. Refreshing.
Ice Lemonade
Ice Lemonade - Rp. 20.000. Vitamin C lemon water combined with soda. The sour taste of the lemon was good. Not too sweet so I could taste the lemon flavor more. 
Guava Freeze
Guava Freeze - Rp. 29.000. Guava juice combined with soda. This was also good. The soda gave it a refreshing sparkle. 
Granade - Rp. 29.000. A mixture of grape and lemonade. Tasted sweet but in a decent level. The lemonade wasn't too strong, so the dominant taste was the grape. Overall, refreshing.

jelly dessert

Overall conclusion, certainly worthy of those good ratings. Even though Quattro only serves pizza, but they really give it all in. The pizzas I tried were great. None of them was disappointing. The ambience of the restaurant was also nice. Felt so homey and comfortable.
For the prices, you get what you pay. For the rate of a pizza dish, it still can be count as a normal rate. But considering the taste, it's much more worth it. You get more than what you pay. 
For my consideration, maybe the location is a little bit outcasted. But if you're a true Italian pizza lover, you wouldn't mind coming here. I know I would plan a second visit. Just got to try the spicy Mafiozo next time.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

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Quattro Pizzeria

Jl. Mandala Utara No.18D

Phone: (021) 70060064
Tomang, Jakarta Barat

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