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Jumat, 26 Juni 2015

Sana Sini Restaurant Pullman Hotel, Thamrin

Hi Eaters,

Welcoming this fasting month, a lot of restaurants serve special dishes that accomodate the celebration of breakfasting. Nonetheless, hotel restaurants also happen to join the festivity of serving Middle-east-themed dishes in this holy month.
One of these restaurants was my favourite hotel-buffet-restaurant in Jakarta, Sana Sini Restaurant Pullman Hotel.

I came to know Sana Sini Restaurant Pullman Hotel maybe a little too late. The first time I stepped inside this amazing buffet restaurant was mid-last year. I remembered I was bedazzled that time. Seeing so many food stations with delicious dishes was a feast to my eyes. And yet that day I enjoyed my time so much here, and really loved the place.
The restaurant is so vast and really decorated beautifully. The service was excellent and the place is so comfortable. The dimmed lighting gave more privacy for the guests. And I really liked how they never leave the food stations empty. Food is always made available thanks to the agile kitchen staffs and cooks.

"Go Around The World In One Place"

That's the restaurant's concept. Sana Sini Restaurant Pullman Hotel is the perfect dining destination for you who want to take a trip around the world with your taste buds.
The buffet served in this restaurant came from 4 different cuisines. Chinese, Japanese, Western, and Indonesian are those you can try on the spot. Every buffet area is decorated nicely to match the theme of the cuisines. Every detail until the smallest one (such as sugar basins) are well thought and decorated to create an ambiance like no other. Certainly beautiful.
The concept of an open kitchen was an entertainment since you can see how the cooks prepared the dishes. And you can even talk to them without any fear of disturbing them too. And I just admire how they serve top notch quality ingredients for every dishes.

You can see above are the beautiful decorations you will find upon entering the restaurant.
And during this fasting month, there is something special added to the line of delicious cuisines at Sana Sini Restaurant Pullman Hotel. They added Lebanese cuisines, cooked and prepared by guest Chef, Yehia Al-Arab.

For only IDR 426K (Sunday - Thursday) and IDR 460K (Friday & Saturday) you can enjoy the amazing buffet plus their "Lebanese Delights".

Various Lebanese cuisines starting from appetizers up until desserts were served in a buffet table near the entrance. Various kinds of Falafel, Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Hummus, Slow Roast Lamb Ouzi with Kafsah rice, Baba Ghanoush, Salouna Vegetable, Moutabal, Kibbeh, Shawarma, Sish Taouk, Tagine, and Baklava. All is ready to pampered your taste buds.
For me personally, it was my first time trying out some Lebanese dishes that I have never even seen before. And my first time was amazing. You know how they say that first impression is important. Well, my first impression was falling in love with Lebanese cuisines. Kudos to the Chef for a job well done!

My favourite that day was this Slow Roast Lamb Ouzi. The meat was sooo tender and juicy. And it was perfectly seasoned. I liked it so much, I even ate it like maybe 3 times, LOL.
Oh yeah, Chef Yehia Al-Arab will personally cater you at the Lebanese food station, so if you have any confusion with Lebanese food, he will be delighted to answer any question.

Overall conclusion, it was my second time at Sana Sini Restaurant Pullman Hotel and yet it hasn't stop bedazzling me with its amazing food and service. The buffet here, I can say is just so worth the price you have to pay.
So Sana Sini Restaurant Pullman Hotel will still remain on the top of my hotel-buffet-restaurant. I really enjoyed my time there and I'm sure if you give it a try you might enjoy it more than I do. Better hurry if you want to try their Lebanese cuisines because it's only available during fasting month!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee



Sana Sini Restaurant Pullman Hotel
Pullman Hotel Ground Floor
Phone: (021) 31921111, 3906444
Jalan MH. Thamrin No. 59
Jakarta Pusat

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