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Selasa, 26 Agustus 2014

Pondok Lesehan Gayatri

Pondok Lesehan Gayatri's photo in Cilincing Hi Eaters.

Keeping my words on writing about street foods, I came across this particular "warung makan". Well, it accidentally happened when I was visiting friends. Apparently he knows a lot of good "warung makan" and often took me to several of them. I'm still waiting for inputs from you guys, though. Do inform me about a great "warung makan" and I'll make sure to have a stop-by then.
Back to the review. Well for this review, I did the same mistake again (gosh, how did I ever do that?!). I, once again, forgot to bring my camera. So I have to apologize (again) for the low quality image. Noted that this will be the last time I did this fatal error.
So without further a due, I'm going to tell you about my culinary journey at Pondok Lesehan Gayatri.

Since this is a "lesehan" well pretty obvious there were no seats. You have to sit on the floor. But don't worry, the floor is clean, and customers have to remove their footwear before entering the dining area.
Pondok Lesehan Gayatri's photo in Cilincing
Pondok Lesehan Gayatri's photo in Cilincing
Pondok Lesehan Gayatri's photo in Cilincing
Pondok Lesehan Gayatri's photo in Cilincing
Pondok Lesehan Gayatri's photo in Cilincing
Pondok Lesehan Gayatri's photo in Cilincing
Even though this is a humble "warung makan", but it is decorated nicely with woven rattan and some nice scenery landscape painting. The only downside that I felt is that since the tables were quite relatively close to each other, it's quite annoying if someone at the other table started smoking. Especially in the middle of dining.
"Lesehan" is so identical with Sundanese culture. But in this "warung makan" you will not only find Sundanese cuisines, but also some chinese cuisines like noodles.
So let's start eating then.

Ayam Bakar Sambel Terasi - Rp. 13.000.
Ayam Bakar Sambel Terasi - Pondok Lesehan Gayatri in Cilincing
 Ayam Bakar Sambel Terasi
This dish came also with a plate of rice. The chicken was grilled nicely, not undercooked, and the seasoning was just right. A good amount of soy sauce was used. The chicken meat was tender and juicy. The "sambel terasi" was quite spicy, and had that significant aroma. 

Ayam Goreng Mentega - Rp. 18.000.
Ayam Goreng Mentega - Pondok Lesehan Gayatri in Cilincing
 Ayam Goreng Mentega
Surprisingly it came pretty small. Just see how it looked in that plate. By the way, this also came with a plate of rice. For my palate, the chicken was almost overcooked. Just slightly though, but you know how the texture of an overcooked dish is so unappetizing. The buttery sauce is nice. Quite savory, and salty too.

Cumi Goreng Mentega - Rp. 23.000.
Cumi Goreng Mentega - Pondok Lesehan Gayatri in Cilincing
 Cumi Goreng Mentega
This one is quite good. Actually pretty tasty. The only downside was there's just too many head parts. Other than that, well it's a loveable dish.

Sayur Asem - Rp. 4.000.
Sayur Asem - Pondok Lesehan Gayatri in Cilincing
 Sayur Asem
Pretty happy when I noticed how affordable a bowl of sayur asem here. It came in a quite big bowl too (yeayy!). And the unique thing is I never eat any sayur asem that also had cucumbers inside. Yes, this sayur asem had cucumbers inside. Quite unique and also made it memorable. The taste, however, was a bit lacking. Maybe it could go with a little bit more salt. The vegetables used was very generous though, which added another plus point for this dish.

Cah Kangkung - Rp. 12.000.
Cah Kangkung - Pondok Lesehan Gayatri in Cilincing
 Cah Kangkung
Kale is one of my favourite vegetables. This dish had meatballs too which for my palate went so well with the sauted kale. The kale was nice, cooked perfectly. The taste was quite alright. I usually prefer kale to be cooked with shrimp paste. But this one was quite tasty enough, although I think that the soup was a little bit underwhelming.

Es Jeruk - Rp. 5.000.
Es Jeruk - Pondok Lesehan Gayatri in Cilincing
 Es Jeruk
It's nice to know that they really made the orange juice from real orange fruits and not from something that came in sachet. And it's so good that the sweetness was not overpowering the orange flavor. It's so refreshing!

Es Fanta+ Susu - Rp. 8.000.
Es Fanta+ Susu - Pondok Lesehan Gayatri in Cilincing
 Es Fanta+ Susu
Soda + milk = sparkling sweet. Enough said.

Overall conclusion, I left with a happy and full tummy.
The foods were nice, though I can't say they are stunning. But to ease a hungry stomach them they are more than enough.
The prices are quite fair, although I found a menu to be overpriced because of its size.
Maybe I'll make another stop-by whenever I might go pass the place. 

Keep on chewing!
Jazzy Dee
Twitter: @jzzydee
Instagram: @jzzydee

Pondok Lesehan Gayatri
Jl. Semangka No. 41
Koja, Cilincing

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