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Senin, 25 Agustus 2014

Ropita ACI Gading

Hi Eaters.

Have you ever felt hungry when it's late midnight? Unless you're always prepared and stocked a bunch of snacks in the house, well going for a stroll looking for a place to eat might be an alternative (unless you want to ignore that hunger).
This happened to me when I was sleeping over at a friend's house. Yeah, it was weekeend and we boys like to stay late and watch football. The game had ended about an hour after midnight and I was quite hungry. I'm not the type of guy who would ignore rumbling stomach.
But anyway, my friend's house is located at Kelapa Gading, and at that time he suggested me to get a light meal at Ropita ACI Gading.

This "warung tenda" is located at Jalan Hibrida, Kelapa Gading, near the Gading Nirwana residence. It occupies a space in front of an auto shop. So it's pretty clear that the opening hours of this "warung" had to wait until the auto shop had closed, which is in the evening.
I arrived there around 1 AM and OMG it was so packed.

As you can see there was nothing special about the place, only a simple common warung tenda with plastic chairs and wooden tables. But there must be something that kept this place packed most of the time. So let's find out by ordering some food.
The foods offered here are porridge, toasted bread, toasted fermented cassava, fried rice, and many variants of refreshing beverages.
So let's start ordering, I'm hungry!

Indomie Rebus Telor & Indomie Goreng Telor - Rp. 9.000/each.

Indomie Rebus Telor
Indomie Goreng Telor
Well, nothing much to say about this dish. It's your common everyday instant noodles.
I, myself, am a big fan of this instant noodle. At Ropita ACI Gading, they served this noodle not only with chinese cabbage, egg, and fried onions, but also with emping. So the slightly bitter taste from the emping in my opinion matched perfectly with the savoriness from the noodle. You can also request to add bird's eye chillis (cabai rawit) in the noodle to give it a spicy flavor. But careful not to bite on the chilli though.

Bubur Ayam Telor - Rp. 13.000.

Bubur Ayam Telor
This one is quite unique. Notice that the egg isn't visible? Yes because the egg is at the bottom of the bowl. So first they put raw egg at the bottom of the bowl and then poured hot steaming porridge on top of it. So the egg will boil by itself because of the heat from the porridge, resulting in a nice soft boiled egg. On the other hand, the porridge itself had minced chicken, emping, and cakwe (chinese doughnut) for its toppings. The texture of the porridge was good in my opinion. Perfect thickness. And the flavor had a punch of pepper in it. Not too overwhelming so it's nice and tasty to eat.

Ropita - Rp. 11.000.

Considering this "warung" uses Ropita as its name, I have to think that this dish is its signature dish, right? If you're confused what ropita is, well it stands for roti (bread), pisang (banana), and tape (fermented cassava). So the banana and the fermented cassava were put between two breads and toasted together. After that, it was given cheese, chocolate sprinkles and milk on the top. The overall taste was sweet. I love the generous cheese. The banana and fermented cassava was tender and soft. A good dish for a sweet tooth.

Nasi Goreng Bakso Rp. 13.000 + Telor Ceplok Rp. 3.000.

Nasi Goreng Bakso + Telor Ceplok
If at other "warung" that also sells fried rice, the egg was included in the fried rice, well here you have to order as an add-on. Come to think of it, well honestly it kinda make it more expensive though. The egg can be opted between "telor dadar" or "telor ceplok".
For my palate that day, the egg had some salty parts. I guess the salt wasn't sprinkled evenly. The fried rice itself tasted not bad. The pepper was quite strong though. The meatballs were quite generous. 

Nasi Goreng Ayam Rp. 15.000 + Telor Ceplok Rp. 3.000.

Nasi Goreng Ayam + Telor Ceplok
Basically the fried rice tasted pretty much the same since it uses the same seasoning as the nasi goreng bakso. What made it different was that this fried rice uses minced chicken fillings. The egg is better here, and the salt was sprinkled perfectly.

I guess I have tried all the kinds of food offered here from porridge, fried rice, bread, and the noodles. So now let's try their beverages.

Es Sprite Susu - Rp. 8.000.

Es Sprite Susu
Soda meets milk. Well you can guess the taste is sweet and sparkling. Overall it's a refreshing drink.

Susu Ovaltine - Rp. 8.000.

Susu Ovaltine
In my opinion, the Susu Ovaltine had an unbalanced mixed between the Ovaltine and the water. So it felt a bit aqueous. And the sweetness are basically all sugar. The taste of the Ovaltine itself was almost overpowered by the sugar.

Juice Melon - Rp. 8.000.

Juice Melon
What's good about this juice was that they blended real melon to made it, and didn't use something that came in sachets. The level of the sweetness was perfect. The melon tasted nice. Refreshing.

Es Teh Manis - Rp. 3.000.

Es Teh Manis
Nothing special about this drink. Only a common sweet ice tea. 

Overall conclusion, it's a nice and affordable "warung tenda" where you can get a good light meal and hang out with friends.
No wonder why this place could get so packed.
The foods I tried was good, and none of them were disappointing. And also the affordable price tags can be another plus to get me to come here next time.
The only downside is that you have to watch out for mosquito bites. Just make sure to wear trousers so you won't get bite marks on your feet.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Twitter: @jzzydee
Instagram: @jzzydee

Ropita ACI Gading
Jl. Raya Kelapa Hibrida Blok RA 3 No. 28
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 
DKI Jakarta

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