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Selasa, 26 Agustus 2014


Hi Eaters.

Healthy lifestyle has been a concern in today's generation. A lot of healthy-guaranteed products (or so they claimed to be) are out on the market, and even restaurants and eateries also have begin to show their concerns regarding healthy food.
But when I talk about healthy food, I like something that came from nature. Something like fruits and vegetables. Maybe juices.
And it's exciting to know that there is a new spot to get a really healthy juice. The new spot is called Re.juve.

Re.juve is the first and premium juicer F&B concept in Indonesia. It opened its first store in Gandaria City at the end of May. Now it opened its second store in Kota Kasablanka at mid July. Re.juve itself is affiliated with Sunpride, and also a member of Gunung Sewu Group, a reputable leader in agriculture industry. So it's pretty obvious that the fruits and vegetables here are guaranteed top quality. Only the finest ingredients are brought to each and every cup of juices. No water, sugar, sweetener, and preservatives are added. See how healthy it is? What you get from in the cup or the bottle is really all from the fruits and vegetables.

Do excuse me for taking so many interior photos that day. For me, it's quite nice. The store is spacious with minimalist interior design. The lights are dimmed so it feels really cozy and comfortable for customers to sit around and enjoy their healthy juice.

The chairs and tables are from wooden materials, giving it an earthly feeling. It goes well with the concept of nature and healthy living this store upholds.
Even though this is a juicer, but Re.juve also sells some variants of light meals which are also healthy. So you can sit, enjoy the juice, eat the food, without worries.
FYI, to make a cup of that healthy juice, Re.juve uses a big bowl of ingredients. that’s why the juices are super rich with fibers, vitamins, and nutrients, unlike the standard juices you always have.
So let's try some of their juices.

Asian Green - IDR 45K.

Asian Green
Asian Green
This juice is a mix between spinach, cucumber, pineapple, and apple. The pineapple used for this juice was the delicious Golden pineapple (HONI pineapple) from Re.juve's sister company, Nusantara Tropical Farm, and claimed to be the sweetest and juiciest pineapple in the world. The Asian Green is one of the recommended flavors from the Cold Pressed Juice variants. Even though it had spinach as one of its ingredients but the spinach didn't leave any weird veggie smell. The pineapple was so good, it lived up to what it claimed to be, sweet and tasty. The cucumber was also quite strong. Personally I loved this juice. A great combination between vegetables and fruits. So recommended.

i.Glow - IDR 48K.

The i.Glow juice is another recommended one. This juice is a mix between carrot, pineapple, and apple. Again they put the Golden pineapple as one of the ingredients (yeaayyy!). The pineapple was dominating the whole flavors. It was sooo good. The carrot was nice. No unpleasant taste coming out of the carrot. And the overall taste of the juice was great for my palate. Do try this one too, it's really good.

Citrus Fire - IDR 48K.

Citrus Fire
Do you like a little challenge? This juice, claimed by Re.juve, is only for the brave hearts. The reason might be because it has a punch of spiciness in the flavors. The one I tried was the Citrus Fire. It was a mix between pineapple, orange, lemon, and ginger. The spicy sensation came from the ginger. But do relax, it's not so overpowering. Still it will give you a light burning taste in the tongue. Unique, and refreshing.
If you like to be challenged, you can try the Volcanic green which is a mix between spinach, cucumber, pineapple, apple, and red chilli (yes, that's right, CHILLI!). Or you can try the Firey Beat which is a mix between beet, cucumber, apple, pineapple, and ginger.

Overall conclusion, a nice new place to hang out and get some refreshing healthy juice.
If you are also concern about health, this is the perfect spot for you.
The prices are ranged from 30K - 48K. For a juice which is healthy, this is a great deal! If you know the quality and see how much ingredients they used just to make one cup of juice, you'll be astonished just how every penny you spend is sooo worth it.
The place is great, the service is friendly too. There's a lot of reasons to be back here again.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Twitter: @jzzydee
Instagram: @jzzydee

Kota Kasablanka, GF, Food Society
Phone: (021) 29626188
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav.88,Kuningan

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