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Kamis, 18 Desember 2014


Hi Eaters.

Actually this is one review I've kept on postponing to write due to the hectic schedule I'm facing lately. I've been wanting to write about this cake shop ever since my visit, which could be counted about almost a month ago.
Anyway, this cake shop, as you might know, is currently the hippest place for Jakarta people to get some cakes. The name of the cake shop is Cake-A-Boo.

Since it is currently being the hippest cake shop in town, you can expect to see a line of people waiting to get a spot to sit inside. Because the place itself is not that big, in my consideration could hold up to 30-40 people, it gets pretty irritating if you have to wait outside the cake shop since it's dusty and pretty hot during the day.

I noticed the place was very nicely decorated. Colorful pipes on the wall and the usage of bright shocking colors really puts the ambiance to be somewhat like inside a cake factory in the children's playbook.
A unique way of serving can be seen by the way this cake shop utilize a conveyor belt, so you can just grab a cake of your desire. Oh btw each color of the plate represent the price tag of the dessert:  Green - IDR 25K, Blue - IDR 30K, and Purple - IDR 35K.
So let see if the cake measured up to the nice interior.

Green Dome - IDR 30K

The shape of the cake undisputely cute and visually intriguing. Basically this is a green tea mousse cake with an ogura brulee center filling. Sadly the cute shape wasn't balance with the taste. The green tea was just too overpowered with sugar, and the ogura brulee was untraceable. The texture of the cake was nice and soft, but the flavors were just sugar.

Cheese Trap - IDR 30K

A cheese cake with peanut butter jam on top and cheese-shaped white chocolate on each side. Again, this one had a nice texture. For my palate, this one tasted better. Combining the sweet cheese cake with a bit salty flavor from the peanut butter jam really worked well.

Dice Cake - IDR 25K

This one is a vanilla sponge cake with marshmallow and oreo layers. Hands down, it looked pretty cute, right? And surprisingly this cake tasted nice too. The texture was light and soft too.

Miko's Cake - IDR 35K

This one is an all based caramel cake. You'll find so many ingredients with caramel base here, such as caramel mousse, caramel sauce, and crunchy caramel, and then covered with chocolate glaze outside. If you're a fan of caramel, this is one cake I'm sure you'll love.

Coco Cake - IDR 30K

This is my personal order, and well I did order this one because of its cuteness. And besides that I was pretty curious about the injection-looking thingy hanging at the side of the cake too.
So this is a passion fruit mousse and vanilla sponge cake. Inside that injection-looking thingy is coconut sauce. Well, to be honest the flavors were like running all over the place..not in a good way though. I was struggling to find where did this cake is heading. The taste was pretty sour, and the coconut sauce didn't seem to put any effect beside adding cuteness. That's just it.

Tamaya Roll - IDR 25K

This could be the most suitable cake you see on the conveyor belt. Why? Well because it looks like a sushi. The yellow topping thing is srikaya crepe, and on below is the sticky glutinous rice.
Looking at the cute shape, you might think it also tasted nice. But let me tell you that sometimes looks can be deceiving. This cake was tasteless. The srikaya crepe was bland, and also was the sticky rice. There were no flavors inside this cake. Totally bland. Too bad, it's not a refundable cake.

Nutella Burger - IDR 35K

The most talk-about cake of Cake-A-Boo. Hundreds or maybe thousands pic of this cake has wandered social media. Well, this cake consists of red velvet buns, Nutella patty and assorted fruits. Claimed to be the best-selling cake, I really hoped so much. But actually I think this is just one cake being too overrated. The buns were quite hard, the texture was not my cup of tea. I loved the Nutella patty though. I mean, what's not to be loved from Nutella? I ended up only eating the patty rather than eating the buns along.

Choco Bear Parfait - IDR 35K

This parfait was the best one coming to my table that day. It's like being thrown by a chocolate grenade. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate sponge, chocolate caviars, and chocolate pannacotta combined so well together to make this killer parfait. And I mean in a good way.
I loved the textures. The pannacotta, the sponge cake, they're all perfectly executed. Seriously, I'd take this parfait anytime. Hands down, it's so good!

Overall conclusion, it's just another nicely decorated place to hang out and maybe have some cakes. Yes, it is just one of those place with nice ambiance, but sadly doesn't come along with good food to balance it.
The cakes was just so-so, although I loved the parfait. Well as any other culinary joints, it has its slips and misses. Being currently the hippest cake shop in town, so sorry I have to say that the statement is just too overrated.
Really hope they would improve the flavors more and maybe come up with more unique and cute cakes without putting the "flavor" factor aside.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Ruko Garden House, Blok B22, 
Phone: 021 29032922, 081932426451
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara

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