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Rabu, 10 Desember 2014

[Openrice Gathering] Markas i-Eat

Hi Eaters.

It was a rainy Friday afternoon when I went to this place. Markas i-Eat was the name. And I went here being invited by Openrice Indonesia for another gathering.
Well every Fridays like this is always something I am looking forward to, besides the fact that it is also the last day of the week to work.

Anyway, the rain didn't stop me as I made my way to this particular food court. It's located at Tanjung Duren, quite close enough to my office and that day I huzzled up because rain made the weather kinda gloomy and I didn't want to get bad lighting for my pictures.

As I mentioned earlier, this place is a food court. You'll find quite a lot of food vendors inside. The payment system is using a deposit card. You first have to top up the card at the cashier and then use it to buy food. Much like the payment system in any modern food court nowadays.

The place is nice. The ambiance is super cozy. Even though this is a food court, but it's clean, comfortable, and also nicely decorated. 
At this foodtasting event, I've had the chance to try some foods from five food vendors. They are Trasa, Pizza Pazzo, Kopitime, Soto Gaul, and Sushi Love Bento. Too bad for the dishes from Soto Gaul, I didn't get the chance to try them. So I'm just gonna write what I tried from the other 4 food vendors.
Let's see the foods that I tried.


Nasi Goreng Cakalang - IDR 29K

My favourite Indonesian dish! This fried rice tasted yummy too. Even though the texture was a bit dry for my palate, but the flavors were great. The portion was fulfilling too. If the texture wasn't dry, this could be a loveable dish for me.

Chicken Wings Spicy Lemongrass - IDR 30K

As the name suited well, it was kinda spicy, but still tolerable. The texture was good. I loved the crispy skin, and also the juicy chicken meat. Flavorwise was also delicious too. Although it was more to the spicy and the actual lemongrass wasn't striking enough. 


Pizza Quatro - IDR 99K

Rectangle-shaped pizza with bellpeppers, mushrooms, onions and beef toppings. The thickness of the dough was fine enough for me, although I was expecting a thin and crispy dough for the pizza. The flavors were also good. It's not heavy, and the toppings were quite plentiful.

Pake Nero - IDR 33K

I don't quite understand where the black color from the buns came from. Usually in this kind of dish, they use squid ink to blackened the dough. This one was considered to be pizza, but in my opinion it looked more like a bruschetta. The toppings were beef, onions, bellpeppers, and beef sausages, served along with potato chips.
The flavors were nice. The buns were fluffy and soft. The pizza toppings were quite delicious. And I'm loving the potato chips. It tasted like those chips from a well-known potato chips snack brand.

Nero Lasagna - IDR 55K 

Loving the lasagna. It's creamy but not too thick so it didn't feel heavy. The texture was very nice and the cheese was delicious. They used blackened pasta dough for the lasagna too.


Sapi Lada Hitam - IDR 50K

For my palate, the taste was just okay. I sure didn't like the way the beef was cut. I prefer it to be diced-cut. And the portion was a little too small for the price tag in my opinion.

Nasi Lemak Komplit - IDR 35K

This dish wasn't my cup of tea that day. Although most components tasted okay, but the nasi lemak was poorly executed. What should be the star of the dish came out as a downfall. I couldn't barely felt the coconut milk in the rice. It just seemed they served regular rice that day instead of nasi lemak.

Roti Bakar Nutella Keju - IDR 27K

This dish came as a consolation. Nutella with toasted bread? No one could argue with that deadly combo. And the grated cheese was given so generously.


Spicy Ramen - IDR 35K

Delicious! Hands down. I'm not a fan of spicy food, but this one was much to my liking. Although I felt the noodles were a bit mushy. But the broth is excellently tasty and also the other components of the dish.

Chicken Floss - IDR 17K (regular), IDR 30K (large)

This one tasted quite delicious. The floss IMHO could be a little bit more given though. But the overall taste was delicious.

Caterpillar Roll - IDR 20K (regular), IDR 35K (large)

My favourite sushi roll that day. The center fillings were simple, only eggs and nori. But the overall taste was very delicious for me. I just loved the avocado topping on the sushi. The rice texture was very good and fluffy too. Recommended menu to try!

Salmon Melted - IDR 20K (regular), IDR 35K (large)

This one was also surprisingly tasty. The salmon was cooked perfectly. The texture was also good. I could finish a lot of these rolls. Keep 'em coming please!

Crunchy Dragon Ball - IDR 25K

Gotta love the sushi rolls here. This one was also my liking. The crunchiness from the salmon really tasted delicious. Seriously, you need to try this sushi roll. It's addictively yummy!

Strawberry Milkshake

For the drink I tried this strawberry milkshake from the bar counter located on the patio side of the food court. The food vendors inside don't sell any beverages at all, so you have to order from the bar counter.
For my palate, this milkshake tasted nice. Not too sweet and the texture was light too. Don't worry about getting sugar rush after drinking it.

Overall conclusion, this is a nice place to get a lot of varieties of good food, ranging from Indonesian, Asian, up to Western. The place itself offers a great ambiance to hang out, with a strong Wi-fi connection if you should ever need to hold a business meeting here.
The foods and the price tags are very pleasing. Good food with affordable price tags.
Now I definitely have a delicious escape place after office hour. Maybe we can meet up there and have a good meal together!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee



Markas i-Eat
Jl. Tanjung Duren Barat 3 No.1
Phone: (021) 29200874
Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat

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