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Rabu, 17 Desember 2014

[Zomato MeetUp] Kopikina

Hi Eaters.

I remembered my first Zomato MeetUp. It was at a coffee roastery in Senopati. I recall that was also (maybe) the first ever Zomato MeetUp held. And yet yesterday I was invited to another Zomato MeetUp, called the End Of The Year MeetUp, marking the last Zomato MeetUp in the year 2014. Personally, it is a privilege and a great honor to be invited to the first and last Zomato MeetUp in 2014.
And also as a coincidence the last MeetUp in 2014 took place in another coffee roastery, called Kopikina.

Kopikina itself is located at Jl. KH Abdullah Syafei, Tebet. Actually it's so very close to where I lived but I never went here. So that day it took me some time to find the exact location. It's kinda hard since there was no location map available in Zomato too.
The place itself took a vintage style interior decoration. Unfinished brick wall, the dominant use of wood furniture, and also the dominating brown-ish color gave a warm kind of feeling as I stepped inside. Also since the owner, Mr. Swangga, is a loving fan of photography, there were quite numerous photo frames (taken by the owner himself) and also quite a lot of antique cameras could be found in the coffee shop.

For the MeetUp that day, I was given the chance to learn so much about coffee, besided of the usual food tasting. It surely was a great time. What I learned that day was coffee cupping, manual brewing, making latte art, and roasting. The barista, Victor, showed me and the other foodies a lot of things he knew about coffee. 

Totally there were 7 kinds of coffee I tried that day during the coffee cupping session, while in fact there are totally 80 kinds of coffee available in Kopikina. Wew, that's a lot of coffee for you, coffee lovers, to try.

I'm actually not a big fan of bitter coffee. I always take my cup of coffee with a pinch of sugar.. well maybe two pinches. But I have to say that the coffees I tried at the cupping session weren't that too bitter. Some were having a sour aftertaste, which frankly I quite enjoyed.

The latte art making session was a lot of fun indeed. Although I didn't get the chance to learn and make my own latte art that day, but I can see that other foodies were very enthusiast in the session. Some of them actually made some very beautiful latte arts, like this one below.

See? Quite beautiful for a first-timer, right? You just gotta admit that is one hard latte art pattern to make.
Anyway, FYI, prices for the coffee menu ranged from IDR 20K - IDR 80K. Being the most expensive of all is the Kopi Luwak.

I only tried the espresso that day. And I really loved the taste. I think the barista did a great job in making the espresso. The overall taste wasn't too bitter but the coffee surely threw a strong punch there and the aroma was very intriguing.
Having fun with the coffee made me pretty hungry. So let's now check the food.

Singkong Goreng - IDR 21K

The fried cassava came as a nice appetizer, with its crispy fried outer skin and very soft texture inside. It was also salted nicely and absolutely delicious.

French Fries - IDR 27K

This was the appetizer that we did a repeat order on, beacuse it was so finger-licking good. It uses french fries you can get at any supermarket, but what made it different was the seasoning. It's very delicious. And also they fried the fries to a perfect level of crunchiness. A recommended appetizer.

Egg Cheese Sandwich - IDR 30K

This was ordered by a foodie and I didn't get the chance to tried it. All I can say that visually it's very appetizing, and I think flavorwise too since my foodie friend seemed to enjoy it.

Kopikina also serves a line of mouth-watering desserts for you, sweet-tooth lovers. And as one of those sweet tooth, I was lucky to had the chance to try these lovely desserts.


These lovely waffles are considered to be the new additions in the menu. What set them different was the ice cream used for the toppings and also the sauce. The waffle is basically the same. The flavors were good. A nice consistency. Soft and not too sweet. It balanced the sugary ice cream very well.


So sorry for the non-aesthetic pics. It was quite a hot day and putting these pancakes near the window had successfully made the ice cream melted. FYI, the red-ish one is the red velvet one.
All of them tasted quite nice, though maybe could use a litle bit more pinch of sugar in the dough. But overall I enjoyed it, the texture was soft and nice, and the consistency was good too.

Beef Black Pepper Rice - IDR 39K

The actual fried rice tasted quite delicious. The flavors were quite compelling. But unfortunately the beef kinda ruin the dish. It wasn't something to be liked. The texture was hard to chew and too rubbery. Had it be more juicier and more tender, it certainly will be a great dish.

Ayam Bumbu Bali - IDR 36K

If in the previous dish the meat came as a disappointment, in this dish the rice was the error factor. It's not one of those fluffy rice which should be served to customers, but came quite hard, and some were crusting. The chicken on the other hand was very pleasingly delicious. Especially the sauce, it just won my heart. For my palate it was simply savory and tasty. Also loving the tender and juicy chicken meat.

Overall conclusion, another great MeetUp successfully held by Zomato. I just loved how Zomato kept on making not only delicious but informative MeetUp like this one. Certainly I learned a lot so much about coffee in this visit.
About Kopikina itself, I really recommend their coffee. As I'm sure coffee lovers will agree with me, I can say that they serve delicious coffee here. Besides that, the appetizers and desserts are not something to be missed also. 
Thank you Zomato and Kopikina for the lovely MeetUp. So happy to know that there is a place near home that I know I can go to whenever I need good coffee break.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee



Jl. KH Abdullah Syafei No. 1
Phone: 021 29704981 ext:205
Tebet, Jakarta Selatan

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