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Kamis, 18 Desember 2014

Canton Paradise

Hi Eaters.

This time I'm going to write another one of Boga Group's restaurants again. Well, as I might have mentioned so many times, Boga never fails to deliver me good food in any of its line of restaurants.
As so that day I was invited to the latest member to join the family of Boga Group, called Canton Paradise

Canton Paradise is under the management of Paradise Group, which is still affiliated with Boga Group. Those others who stood under the same management are Paradise Inn and Paradise Dynasty.
Canton Paradise, as you might have guessed from its name, focused mainly on Cantonese cuisines, Hongkong style of Chinese food. Hongkong, being a seaport, contribute a lot in influencing the Cantonese cuisines. With a long culinary history, the Cantonese are also very inventive, and happy to incorporate non-native ingredients in their cooking.
Canton Paradise itself is a franchise brand from the Paradise Group in Singapore. This outlet at Mall Kelapa Gading is still their only outlet in Jakarta, and I really hope it will soon open another outlet elsewhere.

The interior adapts the style of Cantonese traditional restaurants. Wood elements dominating the restaurant, starting from the furnitures and also most of the colors. In the other hand, the restaurant also applies purple-ish color which is the signature color of Canton Paradise.
The interior looks very elegant, although it doesn't look spacious beacuse the restaurant really packed the tables and chairs to accomodate maximum number of customers.

As in any Chinese restaurants, you will be given a welcome snack. The same as in Paradise Inn, they will serve you fried peanuts while you wait for the food to be cooked.

So let's just start checking on the food. I will begin with the appetizers.

Shanghai Pork Dumpling - Rp. 28.800

Served in a bamboo steamer basket, these dumplings are commonly known as Xiao Long Bao. What's inside it is pork and broth. The taste of these dumplings were remarkable. Almost similar with those being served at Paradise Dynasty. The thickness of the dumpling skins were spot on. And the ginger sauce that came along really elevated the flavors of the dumplings as I dipped them inside it.

Crispy BBQ Honey Pork Bun - Rp. 28.800

These buns are just my favourite appetizers here. I always order these stunning buns everytime I come to Canton Paradise. And being the signature dish of the restaurant, it did its job very well.
The buns were so soft, with a crispy skin outside. And the pork fillings were just delicious. Savory and not too sweet. It's just so likeable.

Crisp Fried Cuttlefish served with Mayonnaise - Rp. 38.800

Loved the crispy and savory batter. The cuttlefish was cooked perfectly, and the texture was great. Flavorwise it's also delicious, especially being dipped into the mayonnaise.

Sauteed Kangkong with Minced Meat in Bean Sauce - Rp. 58.800

I love the fresh kangkung used for the dish. Also the usage of peanuts and garlic that gave a nice complimentaru taste to the savory vegetable dish. It tasted really good.

Braised Vegetables with "Ling Zhi" Mushrooms - Rp. 88.800

Cooked along with bok choy, the Ling Zhi mushrooms tasted really nice. I loved the soft chewy texture of the mushroom. The sauce also tasted delicious, and the bok choys were nice and crunchy too.

Crisp Fried Eggplant with Chicken Floss - Rp. 32.800

This was also one of the menu I always order everytime I eat at Canton Paradise. And it was just a week ago I've had the same menu at Paradise Inn. This menu is deep fried, light battered eggplant topped with savory chicken floss. The texture was good. The light batter was seasoned too, so even though the eggplant didn't have a strong flavor but the batter complimented it really well. A good dish overall.

Steamed Spring Water Tofu with Sauteed Minced Pork and Bean Sauce - Rp. 48.800

Soft and silky tofu topped with savory minced pork, and complimented with a delicious bean sauce. Hands down, it's really good. The tofu was nicely seasoned, it wasn't all bland. The texture was also wonderful. The minced pork was just so mouth-watering. It's also quite juicy and the flavors were very tasty.

Steamed Sliced Pork Belly with Dried Shrimp in Prawn Paste - Rp. 68.800

The pork belly was perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned and the flavors were delicious. They were very juicy too. I think it's a great way that the restaurant combined dried shrimp which tasted a bit salty to enhance the flavors of the pork. And the sauce was also good.

Poached Sea Bass with Pickled Cabbage in Spicy Fish Stock - Rp. 138.800

First thing I want to say about this dish is I am frigginly loving the soup. It was phenomenal. Salty, savory and a bit spicy due to the chilli flakes. The sea bass was executed nicely. Tender, smooth and of course delicious. This is just one dish I could finish on my own, and I have to tell you the portion is overwhelming.

Roasted Duck - Rp. 88.800 (regular), Rp. 158.800 (half), Rp. 288.800 (whole)

I have to say the roasted duck here has the same flavor character like the ones in the other infamous duck restaurant. The flavors were exquisite. I loved the crispy duck skin, and how they perfectly roasted the duck so that the meat didn't go dry. It was very juicy. And FYI, the one in my pic is the whole portion. It could fit for 4 persons.

Chinese Tea - Rp. 5.800

A cup of chinese tea with its nice bitterness always make a good choice after I eat a lot of salty savory chinese dishes. As I would say, it helps neutralize my palate. And the chinese tea is also refillable here too.

Overall conclusion, it was a fine Cantonese dinner I had that day. As I would put my trust in any Boga restaurants, they never let me down. The ambiance is really nice, the service is also very impeccable.
Cantonese style restaurants are not much to be found, and Canton Paradise really acts as an oase as I would search for one with good dishes.
Prices could be classified between mid up, but still I find some menus are just worthy of their price tags considering the flavors and also the portions.
Still my favourite Chinese restaurant in Kelapa Gading up until now, and I think it will still be. I'm always excited for my every next visit here.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Canton Paradise
Mall Kelapa Gading 3, Ground Floor, Lobby (next to Dante Coffee)
Phone: (021) 45853918
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara

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