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Selasa, 02 Desember 2014

Soup Restaurant Senayan City

Hi Eaters.

Chinese food is one cuisine I tend to enjoy in times when I need comfort food. Sure, some may go to desserts, some would get something sweet, but I will go for something delicious. And chinese food with its marvelous usage of herbs and spices are just an endulgement for me.
In Jakarta, Chinese restaurants are just so abundant. You can't go to a part of this town without finding a Chinese restaurant there. My visit that day was to a newly opened outlet of an already reknown Chinese restaurant, the Soup Restaurant.

The Soup Restaurant outlet in Senayan City is located at the 4th floor, next to Spaggedies and near Best Denki. This outlet is has a more modern interior decoration, with the usage of wood dominating the restaurant to accent the Chinese style into the restaurant.
Anyway in case you are wondering or somewhat has a feeling that you have heard the name "Soup Restaurant" before, well it's because it's a franchise from the Soup Restaurant based in Singapore.

The ambience is certainly nice. It fits perfectly for a family gathering or a company event. And I love how they played Chinese classic songs in the restaurant and also the rather dimmed lighting too.
Well, let's start talking about the food then.

Samsui Ginger Chicken - IDR 95K

This dish is the signature dish and I would highly recommend it to you. If you're a fan of the Chinese Hainan chicken, you'll fall instantly with this dish. It's super delicious. Served along with ginger sauce and a plate of lettuce.

The art of consuming “Samsui Ginger Chicken” is by dipping the chicken into ginger sauce and wrapping them with fresh lettuce. The chicken was good. It's tender, moist, and the flavors were quite exquisite. For me, the star was the ginger sauce. The ginger wasn't too strong, and it had that nice trace of garlic. Simply put it, delicious.

Tahu Claypot - IDR 40K

The silk tofu was really really nice. It's soft, tender, and the taste was absolutely delicious. The tofus were quite savory but not too salty. In the end, it's just one of those dish I kept on taking a spoonful after another.

San Yu Fillet Cah Jahe & Daun Bawang - IDR 75K

The steamed San Yu fillet had a remarkable taste. Steamed fish slices, served on a bed of soy based sauce and topped with shredded scallions and ginger. The sauce was good, really elevated the fish to a new level. It's an absolute delish for me.

Selada Saus Tiram - IDR 45K

Fried Lettuce with Oyster Sauce. The taste was quite nice. It's just not something I like. Personally, I don't like lettuces which is served mushy. Just not my cup of tea. But hey, everyone has different palate. You should try, who knows you might like the dish.

Sio Mak Cah Ikan Tausi - IDR 45K

I know the concept was to serve herbally and healthy Chinese cuisine, but frankly this dish had a much too bitterly strong aftertaste. As I dig deeper in the plate, the bitterness got stronger.

Mie Goreng Fillet Ikan - IDR 48K

Crispy deep fried noodles, served on a bed of soy based sauce and topped with fish and vegetables. The noodles soften up when it's mixed with the sauce, but personally I like crunchy noodles more so I always eat it fast as it is served on the table. The fish was nice and tasty, also the vegetables. They're so yumm!

Nasi Olive Ala Teo Chew - IDR 48K

Personally I loved the green-ish color of the rice. And the texture was nice and not oily. Certainly this is a good choice for health-conscious people instead of those highly cholesteroled chicken rice. It's also had a very nice aroma and taste too.

Wintermelon Soup - IDR 40K

Wintermelon soup is known as an excellent detoxifier, also to lose weight. Well, I'm not much into these kinds of dishes, but surely it's good for your health. I don't really like winter melon that much so I just opt to drink the soup only. It taste not too bad.

Tim Tien Chee dengan Sup Ayam - IDR 38K

Double-Boiled Tien Chee with Chicken Soup serves to cleanse the blood and aids us in detoxification. The taste was a bit bitter, and the herbal was more stronger here. Also you'll find in the soup are sliced chicken meats. This soup is also effective to help blood circulation runs smoothly.

Kui Ling Kau - IDR 25K

Herbal jelly served along with a small cup containing liquid honey. If you eat it without the honey it's going to taste so bitter, so better to pur that honey as you eat the jelly.

Pir dengan Jamur Putih dan Almond - IDR 25K

It could've gone with a bit more sugar. The pear was good, but since it's quite watery it made the dish almost tasted bland. Just a bit more sugar and I think it'll be a good dish.

Chrysanthemum Tea - IDR 12K

I loved it. The tea wasn't too thick but it's so fragrant. And the taste was my liking.

Orange Juice - IDR 30K

The orange juice was a bit grainy for me. Perhaps it needed to be strained more. The flavors were good though. It still had that nice sourness of the orange, and it's not too sugary.

Ice Tea - IDR 12K

This one came with a separated small cup containing liquid sugar. The tea was good and quite fragrant.

Overall conclusion, it was a pleasant meal and certainly was comforting. All the traffic jam I had to face to get here was so worth it. Soup Restaurant, in my opinion, could be rated as one of the best Chinese restaurant with an excellent use of herbal ingredients and also reasonable prices.
In the end of the day, I found myself rescheduling another visit to taste their legendary Chinese heritage cuisines. See you there!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Soup Restaurant
Senayan City, 4th Floor
Phone: (021) 72781331
Jalan Raya Asia Afrika Lot 19, Senayan
Jakarta Pusat

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