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Kamis, 09 Maret 2017

Loewy, Oakwood Premier Cozmo

Hi Eaters.

Back on a tight Sunday in which I had 3 foodtasting invitations along with my @dailyfoodseeker friends. Fortunately all 3 places were located in the area of Mega Kuningan and only in walking distance so it felt great not to hustle from one place to another and simply have more time to enjoy the food and have chit chats.
And our first stop that day was Loewy, which is located at Oakwood Premier Cozmo.

Occupying quite a large space in the ground floor of Oakwood Premier Cozmo, Loewy offers a cozy ambiance for its dining area, with an indoor and outdoor dining area that overlook the hustling street of Mega Kuningan. As me and my friends went there, we chose the outdoor area which provided sufficient natural lighting for our photos. Luckily it was kinda cloudy that day so the sun was quite friendly and we were able to take photos comfortably. The interior theme applied is retro/classic with a modern interpretation. The original Thoney chairs and the leather banquet seats resembles a Parisian bistro with a touch of New York diner.
Some of my friends happen to be a fan of Loewy's dishes, especially the Egg Benedict. Me, however, it was my first time to visit Loewy despite its location was quite near to my home. So if this place can really pamper my tastebuds then certainly it would be included in my list of favorite spot, since the ambiance had captivated my heart.

So what were the foods we tried that day? Scroll below and get ready to drool.

Tuna Carpaccio - IDR 70K

We immediately kickstarted our meal with this appetizer, the Tuna Carpaccio. Thin slices of fresh tuna sprinkled with sesame seed and arugula and kaffir lime aioli dressing. I have to say this dish is so delicious. The fresh tuna was so good and the kaffir lime aioili tasted a bit sour but complimented the tuna really well.

Chicken and Avocado Salad - IDR 95K

Fresh salad with chicken and wasabi dressing. This one was also super good. The fresh salad combined with nice tender chicken chunks, OMG it's delicious. The wasabi dressing was flavorful and to my convenience it's not spicy at all (for my palate). I normally don't like avocado unless it's juiced, but I did eat a lot of them that day. So yeah, it's that good!

Roasted Duck with Hoisin Sauce - IDR 110K

A generous portion of roasted duck served with rice, gai lan (Indonesia: Kailan) and hoisin sauce for the dipping. I love how they served us duck meat with less fat. The duck was so so juicy and tender. It tasted so good after I dipped it in that sweet and salty hoisin sauce. For my personal taste it could be more perfect if they can make the duck skin to be crispy, but this one is already superb the way it is.

Brisket Sandwich - IDR 150K

Served with caramelized onions, horseradish aioli, and french fries. To avoid a full tummy, I opted not to eat the buns but went straight to the beef brisket. Afterall, it's where the 'magic' is, right? LOL. This one is no disappointment since the brisket was seasoned beautifully and the flavors were so tasty. I think this dish should have a salad for the side to balance the whole plate, considering there are quite a lot number of carbs on one single plate.

Lamb Fricassee - IDR 180K

Stewed lamb served with braised potatoes, carrots, and peas. This dish was very delicious. The lamb was cooked to perfection. It's so tender and succulent, and the sauce was super tasty too. Unfortunately the carrots were a bit hard, like solid rock, so it's difficult to even just cut it with my spoon. Everything else on the plate was perfect though, so it's just too bad that the carrots seemed to be undercooked.

Cotton Cheese Cake - IDR 70K

Served with blueberry compote and lemon cream, also fresh strawberries and blueberries. Just as the name said, this cake is cotton-ly smooth. The texture was so soft, it didn't take any effort slicing through it. My spoon just felt like it was slicing butter, LOL. Super loving how rich the taste was. Sour, sweet, and a bit cheesy. A perfect combo. A must try dessert to order at Loewy.

Pot de Crème - IDR 55K

Served with Chocolate and Caramel custards, chocolate ganache and crumble. Look at that awesome layers of custard, ganache, and crumble. This is sweet-tooth heaven. Both of them tasted so so sooo good! Really loved that silky smooth texture of the custard, and it went so perfect combined with the crunchy texture from the crumble. Overall not too sweet but yet so addicting. My fave was the chocolate one (big fan of chocolate here).

Virgin Pina Colada

This one is out of the list from the foodtasting menu that day. It was my friend's order. Unique, isn't it? Served in a glass shaped like a skull. The taste was so refreshing. As any tropical drink should be, it's sour and sweet, but in a balanced kind of flavor. What's most important is that this drink is so instagenic, LOL.

Egg Benedict

One of the most recommended dishes here is the Egg Benedict. My friend is one big fan of Loewy's Egg Benedict. So I was curious enough to try this dish since my friend seemed to really dig in to it. And... BAM! It's really good! That hollandaise sauce was superb, both in flavor and in consistency. That cubed potatoes were unexpectedly delicious! I think every component on this dish is just executed beautifully. Kudos to the chef!

Overall, I had a very very satisfying meal here at Loewy. All the food seemed to be thoughtfully made and executed brilliantly (except that carrot error though). Definitely gonna be one of my favorite dining place in the future.
Thank you Loewy for having me and all the best of luck ahead!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Oakwood Premier Cozmo Ground Floor
Phone: (021) 2554 2378
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan E4.2 No 1
Jakarta Selatan
IG: @loewyjakarta

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