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Senin, 27 Maret 2017

U-Thai Cafe & Resto, The Foundry 8, SCBD

Hi Eaters.

Thai food is always my favorite. Well, honestly, I don't eat Thai food that often or as much as I have been recently, but the resembling taste and the richness of the herbs and spices with Indonesian food certainly have become that factor that puts this certain cuisine on my favorite list.
Another FoodyID invitation brought me to try this Thai restaurant called U-Thai Cafe & Resto, located at The Foundry 8, SCBD. This is a food district I never visited before. There's always a first time for everything, right?

The design of the restaurant is actually pretty eye-catching. An industrial-theme with unfinished brick wall, wooden chairs and tables at some parts of the restaurant, and black steel chairs and tables on the other parts. For youngsters, this is a place that I think will suit their interest, but I think for families it's a little bit over the edge, especially for children since it's quite dimmed inside and the choice of music was more youthful than soft easy listening.

I failed to try some dishes that day, so to be objective, I'm not gonna review the dishes I didn't try. Here are some dishes I tried that day.

Nea Pai

Beef meatballs, beef slices, rice vermicelli, and steamed bean sprouts in dark beef soup. A good consistency on the rice vermicelli, perfectly cooked and springy. The meatballs were nothing special, but the beef slices were quite tasty. The soup was okay, I am quite fond with garlicky soup like this one, but still I think the flavors should be more bold. This one felt like it almost reach its destination but deliberately took a turn before finishing the trip.

Khao Cook Gapi

Khao Cook Gapi is truly one of the hardest Thai cuisine to find. Unlike other Thai rice cuisine, such as Khao Man Gai etc, the Khao Cook Gapi isn't always available on restaurants since it is commonly sold as a take away consumption.
The rice is not any ordinary steamed rice. It is stir-fried with shrimp paste so it has that light aroma and taste of shrimp paste. This menu has a variety of toppings, such as shrimps, chicken, mango salad, scallions, chilli, cucumber, and omelette. This one was my favorite. The rice had a nice signature flavor of that shrimp paste, the way I like it. The chicken and the shrimp were also tasty. 

Kaeng Kiaw Wan Nea

Anything with curry is my favorite! Yeah I'm a curry lover. This green curry beef soup is no exception. I love how it uses shredded chilli to give a nice spicy flavor. The soup was great, it's not quite thick and the coconut milk was quite savory enough. The beef was excellent. I would rate this dish as one of the recommended.

Gai Hoer Bai Toey

Thai pandan wrapped chicken. Usually this is one of the-must-order dish for me in any Thai restaurant. Slightly this one was my least favorite dish. For my personal preference, the chicken was too dry. I would like it to be more tender and juicy.

Tom Yum Talay

Thai's most famous dish, Tom Yum is certainly must be the number one pick in any Thai restaurant. Looking at that red-ish soup I would expect it to be spicy, the way I like Tom Yum as original as the one I have tried in Bangkok. Certainly the heat hit the mark there, but it lacked in freshness since I felt the sourness of th soup was a bit under my expectation. That main character which is the signature flavor of Tom Yum just wasn't there. But the seafood inside the food was nice and fresh.

Pad Woon Sen

Fried vermicelli sauteed with chicken and vegetables. I find this one pretty good. Apparently they treated every vermicelli dish in the right way. Nicely cooked and nicely seasoned too.

Khaoniao Mammuang

It's everyone's favorite Thai dessert. The infamous Mango Sticky Rice. Really loving that fresh and sweet mango! The glutinous rice was okay, quite sticky too. Too bad there wasn't much coconut milk given. It would be great if there were more coconut milk generously given.


This is the dessert originally made for Thai kings. Well, unfortunately I missed to try this one. It was all out as I came back from taking photos of other dishes. Too bad. So I can't really give you any thoughts about this dish.

Overall conclusion, U-Thai maybe has its ups and downs but I feel that some flavors were certainly more likeable nevertheless. Would love to make another visit to try other signature Thai dishes they made, perhaps the Pad Thai.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


U-Thai Cafe & Resto
The Foundry No. 8, Lt. 2
Phone: 0877 76630888
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, SCBD

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