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Selasa, 14 Maret 2017

ROCK PAPR SCSR, The East Mega Kuningan

Hi Eaters.

Inspired by the Japanese zero sum hand game, please welcome the new comer in Jakarta's culinary world, ROCK PAPR SCSR. Yes, it's a unique name although they didn't spell it completely, but litterally just shortened each word to a 4 letters syllable.

Residing in one of the busiest building in Mega Kuningan district, The East, ROCK PAPR SCSR (RPS) sticks up to its name and serves Japanese Yoshoku Dining.
The place itself was quite big, and it has an indoor and a semi outdoor dining area, in which the semi outdoor was more convenient with lots of glass windows and ceiling letting the warm sun ray flow free inside or even let the guest enjoy the night sky during dinner hours.
It was super packed that day as I saw this place was filled with youthful souls having birthday celebration and girls having bridal shower.
Indeed this place is suitable for hang outs, since the location could not be considered like malls that has other attractions I must have think that the guests who came here must have really wanted to enjoy the venue or the food.

Seaweed Fries with Truffle Aioli – IDR 55K

The first appetizer I had was this Seaweed Fries. A simple dish, just regular fries with sprinkles of seaweed, yet it tasted so good and addictive. The fries was nicely fried to a good level of crispiness and also nicely seasoned. The truffle aioli dipping was a good way to elevate the dish too, it's nice and creamy and tasted delicious too.

Chicken & Shitake Gyoza – IDR 55K

A common Japanese appetizer normally can be found in any Japanese restaurant, this gyoza was served with edible flower decoration and Ponzu sauce, and had minced chicken and shitake mushroom fillings. It had that nice grilled color on the surface, but I have to say the taste was nevertheless nothing special. Yup, just like common gyoza elsewhere. This one indeed needs something else to elevate the flavors.

Minced Beef Katsu Sandwich – IDR 85K

Minced beef katsu, shredded Cabbage, Mesclun. Started out with something light like this beef sandwich. Well, it looked like a sliced burger though. You know when you slice down a thick burger and you can see all the layers within the burger? That's kinda how this dish looked like, LOL. The beef patty was coated with bread crumbs, but yet I felt like it was lack with seasoning. It tasted quite okay, but no elements in the dish that I could say was a stand out. It's just like a flat-out-straight-to-go-away dish without any specialties inside.

Tuna Poke Bowl - IDR 95K

Moving my way to the mains, this is the Tuna Poke Bowl. A bowl of Japanese rice topped with fresh cut Tuna, avocado, edamame and poached egg. Literally, this dish had pampered my tastebuds. The soft and moist Japanese rice and those poked tuna were indeed so good. The avocado brought freshness to the dish and who could deny a runny egg yolk being simmered onto the rice? This is heaven!

Miso Cured Black Cod – IDR 85K

3 Days Marinated Cod Fish, Pan Roasted Edamame, and Baby Corn. Being marinated for 3 days made the seasoning really seeped through and thus making this dish so flavorful. The miso sauce was truly tasty and the cod fish had a certain unique texture, not as soft as any fish would be but rather like shredded fried cassava. Well, it did look like that too, LOL. But I must say that unique texture was a darling, yet the flavor was truly nice all around.

Japanese Black Beer Braised Beef - IDR 175K

Japanese Beef Stew Style cooked in Black Beer, Truffle Pomme Puree, Sauteed Mushrooms. Couldn't really taste the black beer, even in the aftertaste. The beef, however, was cooked very nicely. It's juicy and succulent, and the seasoning (although no trace of black beer) was actually quite delicious. I loved how the portion of the Pomme Puree (mashed potatoes) was quite generous, but I would really prefer another vegetables salad on the side instead of the onion rings, though.

Ricotta Hotcake – IDR 95K

Homemade Ricotta Hotcake, Berries Compote with Maple Syrup & Vanilla Ice Cream. Look at all that thick protein! Unlike regular pancake batters where flour forms the bulk, these hotcakes get their body from ricotta and whipped egg whites. The toppings were so colorful with all the berries, the berries compote, and the vanilla ice cream. Indeed so colorful, thus making it such a beautiful dessert. So sorry for the indecent pic portraying its ice cream to be already melted, LOL. Yet this one portion is a lot to bear for a single person. A sharing dessert to be exact. The flavor itself was okay too.

Deconstructed Shibuya Toast – IDR 79K

It’s a modern Japanese toast with vanilla sugar butter , mixed berries compote , honey and vanilla ice cream. Unlike common Shibuya Toast, well this one is a bit helpful, in which I mean that you don't need to slice through a thick bread, LOL. So no knife is needed. The bread itself had a bit crunchy texture, and the toppings were exactly the same like the Ricotta Hotcake. So it was just like a crunchy version of the prior. I would say I loved this one better due to the texture.

Butter Cake with Miso Glazed – IDR 50K

Warm Butter Cake with Miso Caramel Glazed, Vanilla Ice Cream. Apparently you can have miso for sweets instead for savory things, LOL. Well, I didn't guess that at the moment, but yet the combination of the miso and the caramel was stunning and making a delicious glaze to the cake. However, for my personal preference, the sponge cake was a bit heavy and dry, and maybe less spongy as I would want it to be.

Hot Piccolo/Gibraltar - IDR 30K

The choices of coffee is pretty excellent. I guess you don't need to doubt the quality of the coffee here since it uses Common Ground's coffee beans.

Overall conclusion, it was a fine and satisfying Yoshoku Dining experience. Some of the dishes I tried came out nicely although some didn't come as I would expect. Nevertheless, I think ROCK PAPR SCSR is a nice place for casual hangouts and to dine. I am sure improvements will be done in the future and certainly when that time comes I would be more than happy to make another re-visit.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


The East Building Ground Floor
Phone : 021-29527101
Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Kav E 3 2 No 1
Mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
Opening Hours : 11AM – 12AM

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