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Senin, 23 Juni 2014

Ichiban Crepes

Hi Eaters,

So recently I got a challenge from one of my blog readers. Since all my reviews lately are about restaurants or cafes, I was challenge to review a food stand.
Have I ever mention that you can challenge me to do a review? Well you can, actually, and I've done one before with the meatball challenge.
Okay, back to the topic. Whenever I think about food stand, what comes in my mind is snacks, or drinks. Something light and something you can carry around while eating it.
As a coincidence, I was at Mall Artha Gading when I read the challenge. Food stands that I saw were drinks, potatoes, and other fried food. There was a crepe stand and I haven't had crepe for a long time. So let's try the crepes at Ichiban Crepes.

So I found this stand situated at the ground level of Mall Artha Gading, just in front of Amazone, a kids playground. There are food dummies resembling their crepes menus displayed on the counter. It really helps the customer to know the filling of the crepes before they decide on what to order.
Food Dummies with price tags
Food Dummies with price tags
Food Dummies with price tags
Food Dummies with price tags
There are three waiters. One who takes the order, another handle the making of the hot crepes and the other one handling the cold crepes (ice cream based).
The service was quite fast. It didn't take long for me to wait my crepes done.
Check out what crepes that I ordered.
Shibuya Chillies
 Shibuya Chillies
I decided to try some of the hot crepes and cold crepes. For my first hot crepes, I tried the Shibuya Chillies - IDR 17K. The fillings were beef sausage cut in half, minced beef and onions. I ordered this one not to be spicy. The crepe itself is not so thick, so I got that crispy crust. It had a good level of sweetness in the dough, so the savory taste is more spot-on. But for my consideration, the filling should be a lot more, because it tends to piled up at the bottom of the crepe. The overall taste was good for me though.
Then I tried the Flossy - IDR 10,5K. It uses beef floss as its filling. Same problem I saw here, the fillings were not that much. Resulting in the floss piling up at the bottom of the crepe. The floss itself tasted good. It was mixed together with mayonnaise inside the crepe. So I got that savory-acidic taste in every bite.
Moving on to the cold crepes, I tried the Tiramisu - IDR 17K. The fillings were a bar of tiramisu cake topped with banana slices and whipped cream. For my palette, it doesn't taste like a tiramisu in particular. I couldn't feel the coffee or the mascarpone cheese in the cake. It just felt like an ordinary sponge cake which was frozen. I was also struggling to eat the cake with that plastic spoon given because the cake was frozen hard. The banana was nice, not too sweet. Also the whipped cream. What felt bad was the tiramisu cake that should have been the star. Too bad.
Choco Chips
 Choco Chips
And last I tried the crepe with ice cream. My choice was Choco Chips - IDR 11K. The fillings were chocolate ice cream, choco chips and whipped cream. I love their generous choco chips. It added a crunchy texture. And the chocolate ice cream had a good level of sweetness.

Overall conclusion, for a snack that you can enjoy while strolling at the mall, crepes might be a good option. And Ichiban Crepes has a wide variety of crepes for you to enjoy.
They could have gone with much more filling in my opinion, but considering the affordable price tag it's quite understandable.
Most of the crepes I tried were good and not disappointing. I wouldn't mind someday coming back and try other flavors.
So if you're bored with your regular snacks, give Ichiban Crepes a try.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Twitter: @jzzydee
Instagram: @jzzydee

Ichiban Crepes
Mall Artha Gading, GF 
Jl. Boulevard Artha Gading Selatan No. 1, Kelapa Gading

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