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Kamis, 16 Oktober 2014

The Bailey's & Chloe

Hi Eaters.

Hectic at work is something that can cause stress. I happened to experienced it this week. Starting from Monday it was deadline all the way. Stressing is not a kind of feeling I want to keep for long, and my comfort to release all that tension has always been good food.
During a chat over lunch hour, my friend ask me to come this nice cute restaurant near where she lived. It's called The Bailey's and Chloe.

Look at the restaurant's signage. It's so uber cute right? Bailey and Chloe as the official mascots of the restaurant looked so cute!
Btw, this restaurant is located on the roadside of Tanjung Duren, near the Kedai Pisang Ijo Pemuda. It's not too big and it only has two floors for dining area, in which the second floor is the smoking area.

The interior design is so nice. Lots of pastel colors used and also there are a lot of cute things displayed on the walls or on the shelves. The service is so nice and friendly. The waiters and waitresses have good knowledge of the items on the menu. I really loved the service given that day.
I was given 2 menus that day. Apparently the owner had opened another restaurant but still in the same venue. It was called Pig Pog. Mostly the cuisines are Chinese. But that day I came only to try the foods at Bailey's and Chloe.
One thing I have to comment about the menu, well the menu book was a disaster. The pages were shredded here and there. It looked so shabby. I really hope the owner would replace it with a new one. Seriously.

Okay, let's start eating. How about if we start with some appetizers?

Cheezy Bolster - IDR 15K

 Cheezy Bolster
 Cheezy Bolster

These were squid rolls stuffed with melted cheese. I loved the texture. Crispy and savory on the outside. And the squid were cooked perfectly. There was no tangy smell coming out of it. The cheese itself gave a nice decent saltiness to the squid. It's a good appetizer to choose.

Money Bag - IDR 15K

 Money Bag
 Money Bag

Deep fried chicken dumplings. Loved the golden brown color of the dumplings. And the fillings were superb. Good taste and it was moist too. It's more delicious after I dipped it in the chilli sauce.

Mushroom Pool - IDR 18K

 Mushroom Pool
Creamy soup has always been a favourite. And this one was really nice. The cream wasn't too thick so still quite light to eat. The champignon mushroom surely had a strong flavor bursting here. And what's more great about this dish was the salty diced garlic bread that elevated the whole soup flavor. It's delicious and I loved everything about this dish.

Oglio Olio Fettucini - IDR 25K

 Oglio Olio Fettucini
 Oglio Olio Fettucini

Skipping the salads, I went directly to the pastas. There were 3 kinds of pastas to be chosen: fettucine, spaghetti and penne.
The Oglio Olio Fettucini had a nice flavor. I loved how it's not too oily and had the right level of spiciness. For my palate, the pasta was slightly undercooked, it's not al-dente. A bit hard to chew but still edible. This dish also came with a grilled chicken breast, which cooked perfectly and had a nice flavor.

Bailey's Favorite - IDR 30K

 Bailey's Favorite
 Bailey's Favorite

The waiter that attended me suggested that I order this menu. Well, either the Bailey's Favorite or the Chloe's Favorite. I was told that those are the signature dishes of the restaurant. So I reckon the two cute bears loved this dishes. And as a man, of course I ordered something that Bailey (the male bear) favorited. Hahaha, well that's not the real reason. I ordered this one since it's got more meat than the other one. 
This menu consisted of a sunny side up egg, a grilled sausage, chicken steak, smoked beef, salad and mashed potatoes. For the potato you can opt for either french fries, baby potatoes or mashed potatoes like this one I ordered.
The whole dish tasted awesome. The chicken steak, sausage, smoked beef and the sunny side up egg which had a runny egg yolk, they all tasted great. I even loved the vinegrade dressing on the salad. It's awesome. What's lacking here I think was the mashed potatoes. It's grainy and heavy. It needed to be more soft. But the actual flavor was good, and well-seasoned.

Pancake - IDR 18K


The plating was very cute! The pancake was bear-shaped which represent Bailey and Chloe, the bears. It came with a small bowl of syrup, which I think might be maple syrup.
Although it looked so cute but the actual flavor was nothing special. I was hoping for something exciting due to the wonderful plating. Without the maple syrup, the pancake was just decent. It really needed that syrup to make it good.
But still if you like cute things, it's worthy to try.

Pomegranate Yogurt - IDR 15K

 Pomegranate Yogurt
I doubt that they use actual pomegranate for this drink since there was no trace of it in the glass. But I do have to say this drink was really good. Sweet and sour in the perfect balance. It's really refreshing.

Berrycoffee - IDR 18K

Never crossed my mind how strawberries and coffee would've tasted if they were blended together. The Berrycoffee is a blend between coffee and strawberry juice. For my palate, it tasted somewhat similar like Baileys. No, not Bailey the mascot bear, but Baileys the liquor. Seriously, it sort of tasted the same, just minus the alcohol. Pretty good I say, cause I'm a fan of Baileys.

Overall conclusion, I really like the place, the food and the service. What suprised me was the price tags are tax-free. No tax here and no service charge! Are you kidding me?! For a service so impeccable, they don't even charge it. What a deal!
The prices here are sooooooooooo affordable! Starting from IDR 5K to IDR 30K. Crazy right? And no tax!!
Well, The Bailey's and Chloe are sure to be put on my list of favourite restaurant. Gotta come back here soon, I'm pretty curious about Chloe's Favorite.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee
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The Bailey's & Chloe
Jl. Tanjung Duren Utara IV No. 55A,
Phone: 0821 1088 8081
Tanjung Duren

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