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Senin, 13 Oktober 2014

[Bandung Trip] Two Cents : Brew Believer

Hi Eaters.

So as you might know if you follow my Instagram is that about a couple of weeks ago I went with some foodies for a culinary trip to Bandung. And this was an event sponsored by Openrice Indonesia. Yeayy!!And this coffee shop (or might I say a restaurant) was one of those memorable places I visited during my short time in Bandung. 
This is my culinary journey at Two Cents Coffee.

Located in a very strategic spot in the heart of Bandung, this place offers comfort and enjoyment of those coffee shops I regularly visited at Jakarta. It's like finding an oase for a coffee drinker like me to know that in Bandung there would be a coffee shop to satisfy my craving for caffeine.

The overall interior felt so comfy and warm due to the usage of wood material, the soft lightning and also the nice coffee fragrant I found inside the coffee shop. Well actually the coffee aroma was a brilliant thing in my opinion. It sort of come as an aromatherapy, and I loved how they applied it here.

Don't let me bored you with those stunning interior pictures. Time to check out the foods here. LET'S GO!

Roast Beef & Cheese Sandwich - IDR 55K

Visually it's stunning, and flavorwise too. The bread was really fine, with soft texture. The champion was the beef and cheese fillings. They were superb. A deadly combo and they mixed up pretty well.

Chicken Avocado Sandwich - IDR 49K

This one didn't use the ciabatta bread like the ones used for the roast beef, but it really didn't matter much since it tasted quite remarkable. For my palate it would seemed that the avocado wasn't shining enough. But the chicken was seasoned well and it tasted exquisite.

Bacon and Egg Bagel - IDR 45K

If you think that buns are just too mainstream, then why not bagel for a change? I have never found a place that offers this kind of a dish and I was so excited at first glimpse. After first bite I was astonished. The bagel was so good and so was the bacon. I would consider having the egg to be more yolky though. But this is a wonderful dish all around and I can say this dish is so recommended.

Chicken Baked Rice - IDR 49K

This was like a fried rice that is topped with chicken katsu and sunny side up egg. What I loved was the egg was still had a running egg yolk which elevated the flavor of the rice and the chicken as the yolk melted to them. The chicken was good although I found it a bit dry. The rice was decent and the flavor was quite mild to balance the chicken and the egg.

Meat Lasagna - IDR 49K

Looking at those layers of pasta sheets, meat, and cheese just got me drooling. The taste was excellent. I love the not too sweet tomato sauce and also the savory beef. Yumm! What I would do to modify this dish was maybe using thinner pasta sheet so the actual meat would shine more.

Aglio Olio Spaghetti with Smoked Chicken - IDR 49K

Loving this dish. Aglio Olio has always been my favourite and I'm pleased that Two Cents didn't let me down when serving this pasta dish. Not too oily, not greasy and a perfect level of spiciness. The chicken was delicious too.

Grilled Hamburg on Rice - IDR 59K

Looking at the price tag I was like: What? So affordable! Get outta here! In Jakarta you can't really get a combo of hamburg and rice in this affordable price tag. Being labeled around 50K is just another plus point considering how thick the hamburg was. Taste? Phenomenal. Enough said.

Dabu-dabu Fish - IDR 55K

Finally something from our homeland. The fish was cooked perfectly, and OMG the dabu-dabu chilli sauce was extraordinary. Be careful, it's spicy!

Fish & Chips - IDR 55K

Nice, soft and firm dory fish coated with a delicious savory batter. The tartar sauce was pretty good too and it complimented the fish and acted well as dipping sauce for the french fries.

Peking Style Tender Beef - IDR 55K

The beef was really good, tasted savory and delicious. The Peking sauce was on another level. It's divine.

Homemade "Pisang Goreng" - IDR 22K

A sweet-tooth indulgement. The bananas were so soft and sweet. It's so yummy.

Healthy Fruit Salad - IDR 37K

Sliced fruits such as papayas, watermelons. mangos, apples and melons dressed with yoghurt. It's really fresh and healthy.

So since this is a coffee shop, I just gotta try the coffee here (just an alibi, I'm a coffee drinker)

Iced Cappucino - IDR 32K

Cappucino is always my favourite choice for a lighter taste of coffee. And this one was just perfect to be loved. 

Special-T - IDR 25K

I love how they are couragesly experimenting with coffee here. This one, the Special-T, is a mixture between coffee and maple syrup. I thought it would tasted weird but actually it came out nice. The coffee and the maple somehow blended quite nicely and left no strange aftertaste.

Blue Bayou - IDR 28K.

Another unique drink so worthy to try. It's a mixture between jasmine tea with blue curacao and pineapple juice. The overall taste was sweet and refreshing.

Tea Tarik - IDR 28K

One of my favourite drinks also. I usually order this in a donut joint. What I felt here was actually nice, a well-balanced level of sweetness from the milk but still there was that bitter tea taste kickin' around. A good drink.

Kahlua Caramel - IDR 45K

A nice combination. The sweet and salty caramel mixed pretty good with the kahlua coffee. Delivering a sensation of flavor so bursting in every sip.

Orange Honey Latte Macchiato - IDR 30K

Really loved this one. It's macchiato infused with orange zest flavor. Really something to be fond of. The aftertaste was mild. But this actually shown how experimenting coffee could be such a success.

The Rock - IDR 26K

No, it's not the wrestler. Although I might say it did give a strong punch in terms of the coffee flavor.

Hot Chocolate - IDR 30K

Not a fan of coffee? Don't worry cause you can order some choco drink. And the choco tasted really good. The actual chocolate was super shining. Perfect thickness of the choco too. Perfect sugary level.

Overall conclusion, I'm just thrilled with seeing this coffee shop opening in Bandung. It sort of like a refreshing spot and also a nice place for coffee drinkers like me.
Not to mention besides coffee they also served wonderful dishes labeled on a quite affordable price tags too.
This is one place worthy of another visit if ever I should come again to Bandung.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Twitter: @jzzydee
Instagram: @jzzydee


Two Cents : Brew Believer
Jl. Cimanuk No. 2
Riau - R.E. Martadinata
Phone: (022) 4261336
Bandung, Jawa Barat

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