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Minggu, 19 Oktober 2014

Jea's Cafe

Hi Eaters.

So I happened to find this restaurant by accident. 
So that Friday night, my girlfriend asked me to accompany her to a beauty salon. I, myself, am a guy who actually gets pretty bored of waiting if I don't have anything to do. But my girlfriend seemed to know this specific character of mine, so she told me that I can wait at the restaurant next to the salon while she is having her treatment.
Well, in that case then it's no problem for me. I'll just wait while chewing at Jea's Cafe.

Yes, this cafe stood side by side with a beauty salon named Ryuku Hair Art Design. It's located only 100m straight ahead from Sport Mall Kelapa Gading and just close to Fat Straw. 

The cafe itself isn't that big. I think the main purpose for this cafe is for people like myself, to enjoy a good meal while waiting for someone else having treatment at the salon next door. 

See? There are not much seating area available.
This cafe mostly serves Indonesian food, such as soto, sayur asem, satays and many more. But they also serve variants of steaks too.
Since it's was dinner time, let's get something with carbo.

Nasi Goreng JEA - IDR 28K

Well, having the name of the cafe used in the menu I have to assume this must be a signature dish. So this dish is a plate of fried rice cooked with sweet soy sauce, vegetables (chopped carrots and scallions), lemon basil, and minced mackerel tuna. The side dish was a fried egg.
The overall taste was pretty good. The fried rice wasn't overly sweet and it was quite savory. What I loved was the lemon basil which added a nice flavor and fragrant to the fried rice. The mackerel tuna was also superb, and it was quite generous in portion.

Nasi Goreng Sambal Korek - IDR 25K

This one is a plate of fried rice cooked together with Indonesian's sambal korek, vegetables (chopped carrots and scallions), beef meatballs, and prawns. Come with it also a fried egg as the side dish.
For this menu you can ask for the spiciness level. Since I'm not such a big fan of spicy food, I just ask for a decent level of spiciness. 
This dish was also quite nice. The sambal korek had a strong flavor here. I can actually tasted the chilli, but it's not overheating. And the taste and also scent from the garlic was quite pleasing.

Pisang Goreng Coklat Keju - IDR 18K

Craving for a sweet-tooth, I decided to order this dish since it looked so appetizing in the menu. This dish is a plate of sliced sweet banana fried in sweet batter coating and then topped with chocolate sprinkles and grated cheese.
I loved this dish. It's really delicious. The bananas were sweet and soft. The batter was tender, not too crispy. And the toppings were so generous too. I bet you sweet-tooth lovers out there will love this dish.

Es Teh Manis - IDR 7K

For the drink, I just order nothing special. A glass of sweet ice tea which tasted just like common sweet ice tea at other restaurants. It's quite refreshing.

Overall conclusion, well it's pretty much a nice dining experience. Nothing was disappointing. The service was good and the place was quite tranquil. Waiting here sure was pleasing.
Will I be back? Well if the mistress has to go back to the same beauty salon again next time, I won't mind to take her. At least then I will have the chance to try other menus from Jea's Cafe. Maybe I will try the steak. Pretty curious about those dishes too.

Keep on chewing!
Jazzy Dee

Twitter: @jzzydee
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Jea's Cafe
Jl. Kelapa Nias Raya, Blok QB 5, No. 5
Phone: (021) 60726160 
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara

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