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Senin, 27 Oktober 2014

Pepper Lunch Express

Hi Eaters.

If there is one restaurant from the Boga Group chains that I really really loved, it has to be Pepper Lunch. I just like the whole concept of seasoning my own dish to my desire. Well it is countless times that I have done a revisit to Pepper Lunch, and that sunny Sunday I decided to (again) sizzle my taste buds at this restaurant again.

The Pepper Lunch outlet which I visited last Sunday was the one at Mall Kelapa Gading, called Pepper Lunch Express. It is located at Food Temptation, side by side with KOI Teppanyaki and Samwon Express.

There was a line of people who wanted to order, as always to be seen in this outlet. Since this outlet has only one register, the line of people tends to get pretty long. That's why I think they should've open another register to meet the exceeding numbers of people lining up. So I would disagree with the use of the word "Express" for this outlet, since it took me almost 10 minutes standing in line waiting to be make an order.
For the interior itself, there was nothing out of the ordinary, since this outlet is located in a food court.
So let's just go straight to the food.

Beef BBQ Yakiniku With Egg - Rp. 69.091

Also came with a bowl of rice. This dish consists of beef, green beans, corn, and egg. The yakiniku sauce was served separately and can be poured to our desire.

This dish was super delicious. The yakiniku sauce was very good. It's not overly salty, yet it's quite savory. The beef was so tender and juicy, it felt like melting in my mouth. The egg was delicious and I really like the runny egg yolk. A very fine dish indeed with awesome components.

Hamburg Steak & Beef BBQ - Rp. 69.091

This one also came with a bowl of rice. The dish consists of hamburg steak, beef, bean sprouts, green beans and corns. The seasonings given were garlic sauce and BBQ sauce.

I always loved the hamburg steak at Pepper Lunch. Indeed I think they did a great job in cooking the steak. The meat was densed and it didn't crumble as I split it with my spoon. It's really delicious. Same goes with the beef BBQ. No flaws could be found. It's just tasty. The portion was really enough to get my stomach full. Loving the dish.

Red Velvet - Rp. 17.273

This must be my most favourite dessert at Pepper Lunch. Layers of red velvet mousse cake and cream. The taste was sweet and mixed with cheese which didn't overpowered the sweetness. It's a great balance of flavors. And the texture of the mousse cake was soft. Just perfect.

Oreo Cheese - Rp. 17.273

Cheese mousse cake topped with Oreo biscuit crumbles. It tasted as delicious as the red velvet. The cheese again was not too strong and the overall mousse cake had a good level of sweetness. The texture was also soft and perfect. The Oreo crumbles gave a nice crispy texture that added the sensation of eating the mousse cake. It's wonderful.

NESTLE™ Lemonade - Rp. 10.909

This drink was a total refreshment. It had that nice sourness of the lemon, which was not too strong. I really loved this drink.

NESTLE™ Lemon Tea - Rp. 10.909

There was nothing special about the lemon tea. Basically tasted as common lemon tea. But it is a good alternative than soda.

Overall, I always love my visit to Pepper Lunch restaurant. The food never ceased to please my taste buds. Although I would hope for the Pepper Lunch Express, such as this one I visited at Mall Kelapa Gading, could open more register to accomodate customers. It gets pretty annoying to stand in line for quite a long time just to make an order.
But still I would recommend this restaurant, due to the excellent food. Maybe next time I would prefer to go to the actual Pepper Lunch Restaurants, instead of the Express outlets.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Twitter: @jzzydee
Instagram: @jzzydee


Pepper Lunch Express
Mall Kelapa Gading, Food Temptation Lt. 3
Phone: (021) 45853612
Jl. Boulevard Raya Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14240

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