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Selasa, 21 Oktober 2014

[Bandung Trip] Warung Sangrai

Hi Eaters.

As I mentioned in my review of Mamak Kitchen, I will be also writing about Warung Sangrai, which happened to be under the same management as Mamak Kitchen. Located not far from Mamak Kitchen, it seemed that both restaurants was separated by the Heritage factory outlet in the middle.

Designed so vintagely with dominant woody colored interior, I found so many old things being displayed on the shelves. It's quite unique. But unfortunately since it is also an open dining area well it tends to get pretty hot during the day, especially in this time of weather.

Warung Sangrai has some specialty dishes. One of them is their quail dish. The are 2 variabts of quails here: local and French. The French quail has bigger size than the local ones.

In this food tasting event, I only got the chance to tried the French ones. Well actually you don't hae to worry since the seasonings used were the same with the local ones.
So let's check out the quail!
Puyuh Original (Perancis) - IDR 29K

Have to applaude the way they execute the quail. Well quail meat is one of those kind of protein that needed to be dealt carefully. Cook it wrong then it just became hard. But this one was pretty tender, and the seasoning was delicious too. 
Puyuh Cabe Garam (Perancis) - IDR 30K

Cooked with salt and chilli pepper. Love the whole taste. Again, nice execution on the quail. The savory and a bit spicy meat was just addicting.
Puyuh Rawit (Perancis) - IDR 30K

For you spicy food lovers, you can opt for the Puyuh Rawit. The chilli sauce is really quite spicy, and it went really well with the savory quail.
Puyuh Goreng Kecap (Perancis) - IDR 30K

This one was my favourite. I love the combination between sweet and savory that were so good in this dish. It's an awesome dish.
Sarang Komplit - IDR 12K

For the side dish to accompany the quail, you can order this dish. It consists of tempe, tofu and cabbage.

Now let's check out the desserts!
Pisang Tusuk Keju Coklat - IDR 10K

Sweet and lovely. Visually so appetizing. And look at those generous cheese and chocolate sprinkle given. So yummy!
Pisang Tusuk Caramel - IDR 10K

Sweet banana and caramel mixed together. Do you know what you will get? Sweet tooth haven.
Pisang Tusuk Milo - IDR 10K

This one was delish. The Milo gave a nice aftertaste. Especially the banana's texture was really soft. A dish to be loved.
Es Campur - IDR 13K

It was a very hot day back then, and this ice dessert really helped a lot. It's sweet and rich with fruit fillings. There were jackfruits, avocados, coconut, black grass jellies, pearls together with sweet milk on shaved ice. It's delicious.
Es Cincau Hitam - IDR 12K

Black grass jellies along with coconut milk and syrup. Do remember to stir this drink first, since the syrup is at the bottom of the glass.
Strawberry Dinosaur - IDR 18K

Made from fresh strawberries and not from sachet, it is a plus point for this lovely drink served in a huge glass (that's why they call it dinosaur). The taste was perfect. The sweetness was right, not too overpowering the strawberry flavors.
Milo Dinosaur - IDR 20K

Served again in a huge glass, this one was my favourite drink. It seems like everything that uses Milo was just perfect that day. This one is no exception. Love the strong chocolate flavor. It's delicious!

Overall conclusion, Bandung has got so many delicious culinary destination and I was lucky to have met one to start my trip.
Kudos to the chef for the brilliant execution on the quail, and also for delivering other fine food for me to taste.
Prices are quite affordable and the taste certainly was no disappointment.
So if you ever get bored of chicken, why not try quail? And when you do decide to try quail, then Warung Sangrai is the perfect place to give a nice first impression.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Twitter: @jzzydee
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Warung Sangrai
Jl. RE. Martadinata No. 63, Riau
Phone: (022) 91566224
Bandung, Jawa Barat

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