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Selasa, 21 Oktober 2014

Chicken Story

Hi Eaters.

Chicken Story at La Piazza has always been my favourite spot everytime there is a "Nonton Bareng" event or if there is my favourite band performing at the atrium. Why? Because Chicken Story has an outdoor dining area which enable me to watch what's going on at the atrium. And that night, my favourite football club's match was being aired on that big giant screen on the atrium. One of the reasons I went to Chicken Story, besides for the food, lol.

The interior of the restaurant actually can be considered good, but unfortunately this restaurant has a much-too-opened dining area, without doors or glass windows. So the heat could be felt directly stinging your skin at daylight. So I always find comfort of going here only when it's already evening or night.

This restaurant is quite reknown for its grilled chicken, and certainly I won't miss on ordering those chickens. And there are 2 variants for the grilled chicken, between spicy and original. So let's get to the review.

Ayam Bakar Original - IDR 20K

You can choose for the chicken part to be grilled, between chicken breast or chicken thigh. For the original, I chose the chicken breast. The chicken for me tasted good. Grilled with sweet soy sauce, but the good thing it didn't come out too sweet. The chicken meat was quite tender too.

Ayam Bakar Spicy - IDR 20K

Apparently for the spicy one, it was just the original grilled chicken that was added more chilli sauce. This one is the chicken thigh. Well the taste was similar as the original, only more spicy. For my palate, the chilli sauce was not my liking. I don't know how to describe it, well I just think maybe the chilli sauce needed more garlic, or maybe a little more salt.

Tempe Penyet - IDR 8K

2 thin pieces of Tempe, served with chilli sauce. Surprisingly I liked the penyet chilli sauce more than those used in the spicy grilled chicken. The chilli sauce tasted delicious, but not too overly spicy. The downside maybe that the Tempe was too thin. Flavorwise, they're good though.

Gurame Bakar - IDR 50K

The gourami fish has to be given two thumbs. The taste was excellent. Brilliant usage of the soy sauce and grilled in the perfect way. There was no dirt smell, and the seasoning really seeped in the meat. It's really delicious.

Tumis Kangkung - IDR 12,5K

The kale here were really fresh. For my palate it seemed to lack in seasoning though. It needed more salt. 

Nasi Putih (refill) - IDR 7K

Pay IDR 7K and you can eat as much rice as you can. A good deal.

Es Teh Manis - IDR 8K

Tasted like common sweet ice tea anywhere to be found. 

Overall conclusion, still a good place to get a delicious grilled chicken. The food was quite good and the service was nice too. And they often hold some promo for the food.
Prices are still reasonable and could be consider not too expensive.
So why don't you give it a try?

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Twitter: @jzzydee
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Chicken Story

La Piazza Lantai 1
Phone: (021) 021 95088106
Jl Kelapa Gading Boulevard
Jakarta Utara, 14240

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