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Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014

Momi & Toy's New Menus Launching

Hi Eaters.

If you're a sweet tooth lover, then you must know a kind of food called crepes. Nowadays, not only sweet crepes can be find, but also savory ones. This thin pancake which originated from France has become a worldwide delicacy. Many restaurants, not only those of French, have listed crepes on their choice of desserts. But also you will find certain places that specified themselves only to sell these wonderful treats.
One of those places just launched their new collection of sweet and savory crepes. Say hello to the new crepes from Momi and Toy's Creperie.

I came to the outlet on Lotte Shopping Avenue. It is an island counter located on the lower ground floor of the mall. The place itself isn't too big. Maybe it could hold up unto 25-30 people max. But it sure was comfortable there.

Mr. Ryo as the representative from Momi & Toy's Creperie then described to us some of the new menus which has just been launched, along with some programs that Momi & Toy's ever held such as cooking class.

Ryo-san giving presentation

Ryo-san giving presentation

I also had the chance to see how they make and serve the crepes. It's not as easy as it looks, it took skills, certainly..

Well, looking at those food pictures just made me drooling. So let's go on to the food tasting!

"Black & White" Nutella, Skippy, Toblerone - IDR 72K

3 unique crepes, roll-shaped and each one has different fillings: Nutella chocolate jam, Skippy peanut butter jam and Toblerone chocolate. Nutella and Toblerone certainly have become sweet tooth superstars lately, and many restaurants start to incorporate them in desserts. 

These crepes also tasted good. The crepe were so soft, and creamy. And it's not too sugary. At Momi & Toy's these crepes are called melting crepes since they say it will melt in your mouth when you eat it.
Overall these 3 crepes are delicious. Worth to try!

Mixberry Lemon Cheese - IDR 75K

These are also the variant of rolled crepes. The fillings for each crepe were blueberry, strawberry, and honey lemon. There were also a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whip cream along with this dish.
These crepes were so delicious. Frankly I prefer fruit fillings for crepes since it also has acidity in flavors. Loving these crepes.

Vanilla Ocean Suzette - IDR 69K

2 folded crepes served with orange fruit and scoops of vanilla ice cream as toppings and it also comes along with original suzette sauce.

To eat these crepes you need to pour the suzette sauce on the crepes. The sauce had a nice sour taste that went so well with the sweet vanilla ice cream. It's really delicious. The crepes were so soft and tender too.
Smoked Beef Ham Egg - IDR 49K

This is the new savory crepe launched by Momi & Toy's. This dish is crepe with melted cheddar cheese, baked smoked beef ham and egg, fried onion, with tomato ketchup and mayonnaise dressing.
This was so delicious. The star certainly was the beef ham and the egg. They're very savory.

Hot Fudge Maple Caramel - IDR 49K

Visually it reminds me of parfait. Layers and layers of sweet tooth indulgement put in one glass. There were brownie, vanilla ice cream poured with maple syrup, sliced sweet banana and corn flakes at the bottom.
The brownie was served hot so you better eat it quick before it starts to melt the ice cream away.

Fruit Soda Peach & Orange - IDR 35K (Medium), IDR 41K (Large)

It's got that sweet sour yet sparkling taste. It's really refreshing. But for my consideration, it's way too sugary.

Matcha Ice

So sorry I didn't get the price tag for this drink. But it's really refreshing. The matcha came out pretty strong. So I do recommend you to try this drink if you're a green tea lover.

Overall conclusion, I really enjoyed my time at Momi & Toy's Creperie. I really loved the crepe, I loved the smooth and light texture of the crepe. And I certainly loved how Momi & Toy's did so many improvement with the new menus.
The place itself is quite comfortable despite being in an island counter. 
Prices, well to be honest, are pretty high compared to my regular crepe stand. But once in a while I might want to chew on a crepe which is more artsy and more flavorful such as these offered by Momi & Toy's.
So just give those crepes a try. My suggestion is to try the ... well just try them all, they're delicious!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Twitter: @jzzydee
Instagram: @jzzydee


Momi & Toy's Creperie
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Phone: (021) 29888963
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