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Selasa, 14 Oktober 2014

[Bandung Trip] Rumah Lezat Simplisio

Hi Eaters.

Do you know what will happen if two good chefs collaborate together in opening a restaurant? You can tell that there will be exquisites dishes available to try. What makes it more wonderful if you know that these two chefs are husband and wife. Cooking with love certainly is the guarantee of an astonishing dish.
But wait a minute, it's not easy to find these certain circumstances right? Lucky for the people of Bandung, you guys can easily find it at Rumah Lezat Simplisio.

According to the owners, the word "Simplisio" means simple. Yet there is nothing simple about the whole package of the restaurant. The dishes (we will talk about this soon) are not to be called simple. There are sophistication in flavors, ingredients and plating. Of course in a good way. The only simple thing in the restaurant is the decision you will take after finishing your meal. Either you will order another delicious dish or you will plan another visit. Just as simple as that.
The dishes here are quite many. The tagline of the restaurant itself is "Pusat Kuliner Dunia" (World Culinary Center). And once I opened the menu book, I saw the dishes were grouped to the nations of its origin. There were so many to choose from!

There are a lot of cute stuff spread on the shelves or at the wall of this restaurant. Somehow the owners wanted to give a homey and cozy feeling for customers. In my opinion, it still looked a bit messy in terms of the interior. And another downside factor was no air conditioning. I came there at a hot noon and surely the heat didn't make me comfortable.

But let's forget about that for a while, because I came here for the food. So let's check out what was served to me that day.

Dutch Cheese Bitterbalen - IDR 15K

 Dutch Cheese Bitterba
 Dutch Cheese Bitterbalen
Bitterbalen from Holland was my first appetizer. Big, chunky meatballs with cheese filling inside. It's awesome. The texture was nice and soft, and the outer layer of the bitterbalen was quite crunchy. It felt good, especially when the cheese sort of melted in my mouth. So yumm!

Yaku Chizu Okonomiyaki - IDR 25K
 Yaku Chizu Okonomiyaki
Served in a big portion, this Japanese egg pancake also tasted nice. Tasted quite savory too, and topped with katsuobushi. The pancake was thick and I reckon could fit for even 3 persons.

Mexican Double Cheese Nachos - IDR 17K
 Mexican Double Cheese Nachos
Nice crispy nachos with good flavored cheese and chilli sauce. Frankly, this one was quite addicting.

SIMPLISIO ™ Hottie Chicken Wing - IDR 25K
 SIMPLISIO ™ Hottie Chicken Wing
Yeayy!! Chicken wings! Maybe you all know I'm a dying fan of chicken wings. And I surely loved the chicken wings here. Cooked nicely. The chicken was still juicy enough and the sauce was fantastic! You can order the level of spiciness to your desired level too! This one was at level ½. It's a bit spicy, but no problem. I will definitely order this menu if ever I return.

Italian Baked Sushi - IDR 28K
 Italian Baked Sushi
When I heard the name of the menu, I was like: What? Italian-styled sushi?? Get outta here!Honestly, when it comes to sushi I always prefer the traditional Japanese.
But this dish made me change my mind. So it's a fusion between Japanese and Italian. What's inside the sushi roll were sausage, chicken and cheese. And it's got that special sauce that elevated the flavor. Delicious!

Brazilian Xinxim de Galinha - IDR 35K
 Brazilian Xinxim de Galinha
One of the most iconic dishes from the Afro-Brazilian of the state of Bahia. Supposedly the original xinxim is a chicken stew dish cooked with a sauce consists of ground dried shrimp and nuts. I didn't find any chickens here (or maybe the other foodies had eaten them all). Either way it's a good dish and quite tasty.

Indian Chicken Curry - IDR 30K
 Indian Chicken Curry
India is well known for its rich use of spices and herbs. And that's exactly what I tasted in this curry dish. It's very rich in flavors. And this dish came along with an omelette too.

Bibimbap Cheese - IDR 40K

 Bibimbap Chees
 Bibimbap Cheese
The Bibimbap dishes I've tried so far  were traditional ones. And to try this one that has cheese inside was quite exciting. The cheese sort of melted and gave a kick of savory salty flavor to the bibimbap.

Chicken Piri Piri - IDR 30K
 Chicken Piri Piri
I'm not a spicy food lover but I have to admit this dish was quite memorable (beside of its crazily spiciness). The chicken was very delicious. It may looked like a chicken karaage from Japan but the batter actually uses Portuguese spices. It's good but once again I warn you, it's also spicy!

Chizu Ramen - IDR 25K

 Chizu Ramen
 Chizu Ramen
Where can you get a big bowl of tasty ramen for only 25K?? In Jakarta, a good ramen is never labeled under 40K. So this is an awesome deal! Seriously! It's so affordable but flavorwise it's also delicious! The broth was incredibly tasty. And even though it also incorporated cheese but the strong broth was the star here. Highly recommended!

Mie Hongkong RumZat - IDR 25K

 Mie Hongkong RumZat
 Mie Hongkong RumZat
Finally, the best-seller dish of the restaurant. This one is my favourite of all. I have to say the most delicious meal of the day. Nice, firm and thin noodles with those delicious diced chicken toppings. Who would've guessed this beautiful delicacy is only labeled for 25K? You can never have another delicious noodle like this with an affordable price tag other than here. It's no wonder how this dish becomes a best-seller. And FYI you can also request the spiciness level to your desire too!

Tasting all those delicious meal just got me thirsty. Now let's check out the beverages!

Supaisu Hotto Miruku - IDR 20K
 Supaisu Hotto Miruku
Milk infused with spices, served hot. It had that touch as if you were drinking a gingery milk. It's very delicious while it's still hot.

Kyushu Chizu Miruku Seki - IDR 23K
 Kyushu Chizu Miruku Seki
Milkshake with cheese? Well why not? It's a refreshing option than your regular fruity milkshake.

Grape Mojito - IDR 20K
 Grape Mojito
This one was ultra-fresh. Love the fruity flavor and the good level of sugar. 

Green Thai Tea - IDR 16K
 Green Thai Tea
Green tea mixed with milk. Too be honest, it's too sugary for me. The actual flavor of the green tea was drowned by the sugar. All I can taste was only sweet.

Thai Tea - IDR 16K
 Thai Tea
Same problem with the Green Thai Tea. Too sweet and too sugary.

Honey Tea - IDR 10K
 Honey Tea
Nice and decently sweet. The honey was quite strong here.

Malaysian Ais Limau - IDR 15K
 Malaysian Ais Limau
If you're sleepy you don't need to order coffee. This lime juice can surely open your eyes. It's got a strong sour taste.

Ice Choco Float - IDR 20K
 Ice Choco Float
Chocolate milk with ice cream. There's no more joy in the world than this. Just give me a glass of this choco float and I'm on my way to sweet-tooth haven.

Cold Ocha - IDR 10K
 Cold Ocha
Ocha is always the prfect closure if previously you just digested salty, savory and fattening meal. And this one was really fresh. A great ending to my awesome dining experience.

Overall conclusion, it was a fantastic journey as Rumah Lezat Simplisio took me on a tour to feel delicious world culinaries.
There is no better restaurant I've ever visited that can give a wonderful one-stop culinary enjoyment as the one offered by Rumah Lezat Simplisio.
Prices are so affordable with quality dishes guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.
So if you're at Bandung, or having plans to visit Bandung, this is a must-visit restaurant. Be sure to pack your palate for a tasty culinary tour around the world with Rumah Lezat Simplisio! 

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

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Rumah Lezat Simplisio
Jl. Karapitan No. 45A
Bandung, Jawa Barat

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