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Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

[Bandung Trip] Masbash Monster Ice

Hi Eaters.

Talking about dessert, well I think ice creams are just everyone's favourite, right? I mean, it's like an indulgement especially for sweet tooth lovers. But unfortunately ice creams, even though it's made from milk, can't be said to be healthy if consumed not in a proper amount. That's why people nowadays tend to make the switch to yoghurt. What if there are ice creams which are healthy and also yummy?
You can find that answer at Masbash Monster Ice.

The ice cream shop has a unique style of interior. Somewhat an unfinished building theme. Most element here are wood. Some of the chairs are wooden boxes and so are the tables too. It's simple, minimal, yet still quite comfortable.

Why did I say the ice creams are healthy? The main reason is the ingredients used to make those ice creams. Vegetables. Yes, that's right, vegetables! Not just regular vegetables, but organic ones. Can you picture how healthy the ice creams would be?

Well anyway, this ice cream shop was found by 3 friends, all architects, whom at first thought of a simple yet humble idea of how to get children to eat vegetables. They soon transformed vegetables to something that children loved, desserts, primarily ice creams.
It's not an easy task since they had to do trials and errors which took a lot of time. But hey, they finally did it, and so let's taste this healthy ice cream.

Monster Ice (Vegetable Ice Cream) - IDR 8K/each

Currently there are 3 variant of flavors available for the vegetables ice creams. The green cup is the Brocco Monster which is made from broccoli, the yellow cup is the Corn Monster which is made from corn, and the orange cup is the Carrot Monster which is made from carrot.

All of them tasted good, with no strong vegetables smell. I think they did a great job in removing the smell. I loved the texture of the ice creams. They're so firm, yet soft too. The Brocco Monster still managed to left that little aftertaste from the actual vegetables. It didn't lost that veggie character, so you will still know the basic ingredients used for it. The Corn Monster was super nice, sweet and tasty. The Carrot Monster still got that small pieces of carrot inside the ice cream, enriching the texture in a nice way.

Limited Ice Cream (Green Tea) - IDR 10K

Besides the vegetable flavors, there are 2 other limited flavor ice creams available. One of them is the green tea flavor. Don't pay attention to the cup in the picture, I only used it as a additional decoration for the photo. The green tea ice cream is the one served in the glass.
The popularity of green tea certainly made Masbash not want to be left behind. The green tea ice cream here tasted decent. Although I was hoping for more stronger taste. Well, some like it mild, but I prefer bold taste.
Limited Ice Cream (Beet Velvet) - IDR 10K

Once again, do ignore the cup and just focus on the glass. This is another variant of the limited ice cream. This one is made from beet fruit. The color is beautiful. And flavorwise it's the best one I tried that day. Compared to the other ice creams, I loved this one the most. A perfect sweetness and texture. No weird smell also.  
Monster Bite - IDR 20K

Besides ice creams Masbash also serves delicious food, called Monster Bite. It's a 29 cm-long sandwich filled with either tuna or chicken (your choice) and dressed with wasabi, aioli, or tartar sauce.

The sandwiches were so delicious. The breads, well they're phenomenal. It's not that heavy and grainy. Masbash made their own sandwich bread. How awesome is that? The sandwich fillings besides tuna and chicken, there are also organic vegetables. So you can say these sandwiches are healthy snacks, but also very delish. 

Secang Tea - IDR 9K

Made from sappanwood (Indonesia, kayu secang) this tea has so many benefits for health. It can help to ease the blood circulation, prevent illness, and also maintain the body to stay fit. 
It's visually beautiful with that pink color. The actual taste is bland but you can mix it with the sugar given.
Rosemary Tea - IDR 9K

Made from fresh rosemary leaves instead of dried ones. This tea also has so many benefits for health since it contained a high level of antioxidant. So it can remove toxic from the body. The taste was kinda spicy, but the aroma was so wonderful. I personally loved this tea.

Overall conclusion, this is a great place for you who wants to try a different, edgy, yet tasty kind of culinary in Bandung. Bored of having vegetables just as an appetizer or as an entree, well at Masbash you can have them as desserts.
In terms of taste, well I have to say that everyone has their own palate, but for me personally I liked what I had here.
Prices can be considered really affordable, but with it comes good food. 
So I recommend you to give it a try. Be edgy, be different, but stay healthy. Cheers!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Twitter: @jzzydee
Instagram: @jzzydee


Masbash Monster Ice
Jl. Mataram No. 2, Cihapit, Riau
Phone: (022) 4234519
Bandung, Jawa Barat

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